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June 8, 2024

Dewi Weber

Galloway, New Jersey, USA

Seaview, A Dolce Hotel

Quick Quotes

Q. Dewi, I want to to talk about today. How was your day two here at Seaview?

DEWI WEBER: My day was wonderful. Enjoyed the breeze.

No, in all seriousness I played pretty good. I had a little bit of trouble today and yesterday getting off the tee. Something that I will spend a couple minutes on the driving range after this.

Everything else is really solid. Irons I'm hitting really good. Hitting good putts, which I think hitting -- like knowing that you're hitting good putts here is half the battle, just because the poana, it bounces all over the place.

So just as long as I can start the ball online with good speed, that's all I can do. Then just like hope and pray and do all the things that the ball will roll into the hole.

I don't know, I was pretty patient, even though I had trouble getting off the tee. That's usually my strength. Kept my cool which is something new.

No, I'm doing well. Like I'm sure could have done a bit better today but not really complaining about 4-under.

Q. I was going to say especially when the wind starts swirling here makes it evermore hard. Obviously wind is going to make it harder. What is it about the winds here at Seaview, as you say, when you're not feeling the best off the tee, how do you feel conquering the wind out there?

DEWI WEBER: I think what makes it hard here, at least for me, is that it's quite gusty. You'll be standing on the tee, like on 8; can't really feel the wind and all of a sudden it just picks up out of nowhere and pushes the ball like 20 yards to the right.

I think the way the course is designed is for the opposite wind, which is weird, because we've had the same wind every day here.

Anyway, there are certain tee shots that the wind is coming out of the left and the bail-out is right, but you also like don't want to miss it that far right.

At least for me, I'm like, oh, shoot, I really need to hit like a very delicate, like drawing it into the wind and keep it on the fairway.

It's not like the fairways are super wide. That's where it's difficult. It's easy when you're not hitting the best tee shots of your life to kind of lose your cool and just start finicking with your swing, with your thoughts, whatever.

I think the battle for me mainly was like, all right, let's try and commit to every shot, and at least when I do that and swing freely, then like I can assess afterwards if I did the right thing or not.

Just accept the wind is going to do whatever it's going to do.

Q. What have you been focused on preparing for an event like ShopRite?

DEWI WEBER: Honestly, it's the same thing this whole year. It's like being a bit better mentally. I think honestly, because it's so gusty, because maybe I'm not hitting the best tee shots of my life, pretty good test for me to see if the work I've been doing for the last six, seven months is going in the right direction I guess.

Definitely will not say that I'm done, but like I've improved massively mentally over the last few months.

Q. What goes into that work on your mental game? Just working with someone? Is it when you're standing on the tee? Are you one shot at a time kind of focus? What is that kind of mental work?

DEWI WEBER: I think that's a bit of everything, what you just mentioned. For me personally, I needed someone. Like I needed to hire someone to figure it out. The past five years was just not good and I couldn't figure it out on my own.

I tried for five years and just went poorly every year. I got to the point last year where I was like, okay, I need help and someone to guide me through it. It's a bit deeper than just hitting one shot at a time.

I think that's always super fun to say and like to commit to off the course, but on the course, a bit more difficult. At least so I've experienced.

So it's a bit like working every week on your off weeks on the right things. Like trying to get into that space where you can hit your shots one at a time I guess, yeah.

Q. I also know you have something coming up in a little bit that you're very potentially excited about. What has that been like getting ready for a wedding on the agenda?

DEWI WEBER: So we didn't hire a wedding planner. We did all the planning ourselves. We're at the point where we figured everything out. All the logistics are set.

For us right now we're just super stoked to get going I guess. I'm on the road for three weeks and then one week at home and then I fly to the Netherlands with my fiancée and then her family flies in a couple days later.

Yeah, we're super stoked. It was a lot of planning and to be completely honestly, to no one's surprise, Jen did most of it and I'm very happy with that.

We didn't have that many like planning meltdowns. I think there was just one that I can think of.

But, yeah, no, we're super excited.

Q. I saw on your Instagram you got the marriage license. What's it been like going through this off-the-course stuff while also just being there mentally as you say competitively?

DEWI WEBER: Honestly the idea of getting married to Jen is such a dream for me and it makes me so excited about life. Planning a wedding is not that distracting of anything. It gives me more momentum to do well on the course.

It just puts me in a really happy mental space, and to me at least when I am doing well off the course and my life is going well and there is always these fun, exciting things to look forward to I'm a much happier person on the course.

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