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May 19, 2024

Shyla Brown

Jersey City, New Jersey, USA

Liberty National Golf Club

Quick Quotes

Q. Okay, Shyla, you just played four rounds at the Liberty National. Can you talk about your experience playing in the Mizuho Americas Open.

SHYLA BROWN: I mean, yeah, it was amazing. I mean with the caddies and the crowd out there, it was really like exhilarating.

I've never been in a state like that, so I think it was awesome, yeah.

Q. What have you learned from this week?

SHYLA BROWN: A lot. A lot from the pros. A lot from the people around. A lot from the caddies.

Mainly just to play your own game. I think with the points system it made it so I didn't focus on strokes per se, but I played a different, more aggressive type of golf. So, yeah.

Q. What have you learned from the LPGA pros or just from playing with them this week?

SHYLA BROWN: That they're pretty composed. One bad shot doesn't mean anything. They can get it right back on the next hole, so...

Q. What has been your favorite memory this week?

SHYLA BROWN: My favorite memory, probably seeing other people just have fun. I mean, that's a tough question because there are so much going on.

But, yeah, seeing people have hole-in-ones, just seeing people -- I don't know. Yeah, that's pretty tough.

Q. What's the experience like just seeing yourself playing with LPGA professionals on the same platform? What has it whole entire thing helped you realize?

SHYLA BROWN: It makes me believe that I can be out here as well. Like I deserve to play out here with the pros and that one day I can play on this stage.

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