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May 19, 2024

Justin Thomas

Louisville, Kentucky, USA

Valhalla Golf Club

Flash Quotes

Justin, overall your thoughts on this week at Valhalla?

JUSTIN THOMAS: It was an unbelievable week. I'm bummed it's over. I had so much fun. The fans were unbelievable. I played some really, really, really good golf. I played plenty well enough to win this week, and it just -- yeah, I had a blast. But, you know, I feel like in terms of my game, I'm pleased with what I'm seeing and I've been working on all the right things, so just keep my head down and keep moving forward.

Q. There's been speculation that this will be the last time this event comes here. Just if you could kind of sum up, if it is in fact the last time, what does this event mean to the community of Louisville? What does it mean, the bigger picture to Louisville to have major golf here?

JUSTIN THOMAS: It means a lot. I think, you know, you obviously don't know what's going to happen. It's been awhile since they have had something, so it's not like it's something that's on necessarily any kind of rotation, but I would be pretty hard pressed to say any players didn't enjoy this week in terms of the amount of fans that were out there were unbelievable.

Guys can say whatever they want about the golf course; it always products unbelievable leaderboards and a great finish, and it looks like it's doing the same again this year.

So, yeah, selfishly I hope it has an opportunity to come back, but I just think that the Midwest has very, very passionate sports fans and they love getting to go watch golf tournaments and I think Louisville shows out when they have the opportunity to and they did this week.

Q. I wanted to ask about you holed out on 3 to get that birdie. Did you kind of feel like that was going to jump start the round and it just didn't jump off from there?

JUSTIN THOMAS: Yeah, yeah, I mean I played plenty well enough, really today, but all week. I just couldn't make those putts I needed to kind of get the momentum. I just kind of misjudged a lie there on 7. I think birdieing that and birdieing 8 or 9, I mean turning at 3-under is way different than 1-under.

I understood I was going to need to shoot really, really low today. I felt like I shoot 8-, 9-under, I had a chance. Looks like that probably wouldn't have been the case, but it was more just wanting to be there and it just -- I was nervous today. It was the first time I felt that this week, and I think I just pressed a little too much and just wanted it a little too bad. But, yeah, it's just one of those things. It's tough to win, it really is.

Q. In terms of just the round today, what you shot, how close was that to as good as you could have done versus feeling like I left three, four, however many shots out there?

JUSTIN THOMAS: I feel like I left a lot out there. I didn't feel like I really could have shot much worse. It was unfortunately the theme of the week. I definitely holed more putts the first couple of days than did I today. Made a great par putt there on 7, but it just wasn't my week.

Even all the -- I felt like the quality putts that I did hit would burn the edge or kind of have nasty lip-outs or misread or whatever it might be, but that's just the way that golf is. I played, I know for a fact, plenty good enough to win this week. It just wasn't the case.

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