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May 18, 2024

Jeremy Wells

Louisville, Kentucky, USA

Valhalla Golf Club

Quick Quotes

Q. So what are the emotions coming off that last hole knowing that you made the cut at the PGA Championship?

JEREMY WELLS: Excited to get a couple more days of golf. Really proud. Just been grinding away for a long time. So to be able to just hang in there is really hard, knowing exactly the scores that are required. Just super proud of the way I hit the ball.

I had a really hard stretch yesterday. I was like 5-over par after four holes, and similar thing last year at Oak Hill. I was kind of like in 30-somethingth and an hour later, I'm just toast. Just really happy with how I composed myself. Hung in there.

Q. Maybe just talk me through this morning and knowing what you needed to do to make the cut, what were some of the things you were thinking about?

JEREMY WELLS: Yeah, so we woke our kids up at 4:30 to get to the golf course which was interesting. We were like in blankets in the clubhouse but we only had one car. Didn't sleep much last night. I mean, fortunately I got to play 8 and 9 this morning, which are kind of normal holes here. But even still, I knew I was going to have to stand over a couple 3-footers or whatever. Yeah, didn't sleep very well but it wasn't the first time I felt that way. It was a weird morning with the delay. Got out to the tee. Came back in. We had like a ten-minute delay on 9 tee. You know, could never really get in a rhythm but again just proud of the way I hung in there.

Q. What does it feel like to make the cut at the PGA Championship?

JEREMY WELLS: Yeah, excited. Guess I'm going to make some money, so looking forward to that. But really, we have a Section Championship which leads to the National Championship which leads to the PGA Championship, and then you have a cut at the PGA Championship. And now that I've made this cut, hopefully some of the pressure is off because these next two days are kind of the goal for my year. I'm fortunate enough to get this far to the PGA Championship.

I'm excited to get out there. Excited to see how they set it up on the weekend and compete and hopefully make some putts. I missed, like, a lot the first couple days. So looking forward to it. Probably going to go putt right now.

Q. It's a special moment for you. What is it like to have your whole family here alongside you?

JEREMY WELLS: It's the best. It's one of the things I look forward to the most about this. My kids yesterday, they were sad in the crowd when I make a double, when I bogey, you know. And for them to see me remain composed and continue to perform and hang in there, I'll remember it, but I hope they will, too.

Q. What's it like to represent all The PGA of America members on a national stage at the PGA Championship in the spotlight now on the weekend, too?

JEREMY WELLS: Yeah, great. How many made the cut so far?

Q. Two or three.

JEREMY WELLS: So that's fantastic. There's plenty of us in here. Two or three guys to play on the weekend and be able to compete with the top half of this field or more, I think is an incredible accomplishment. Super proud to work alongside and be mentored by so many great PGA members.

Really, I know I have a lot of support and proud to represent them.

Q. What was the biggest key, you had that rough patch on the front nine yesterday and you bounced back. I think you were 3-under after that. What was the big of the key in bouncing back?

JEREMY WELLS: I bogeyed 12. Doubled 13, bogeyed 14. Bogeyed 15 and I short-sided myself like four times total in those holes and on the back nine. And you just can't -- the pins, honestly, it looks like you can kind of get to them but if you miss them on the short-side, it's like auto bogey.

I knew I had a couple par 5s left. I knew I had a short hole on No. 4 left. I kind of just did the math in my head and stopped short-siding myself fortunately.

But the biggest key, No. 17, I hit a poor iron shot but I missed it on the correct side but I pitched it in from like 25 yards away. That was a moment when I was definitely on the rails and, well, that went in the center of the hole with perfect pace and everything. All was right in the world again. It's amazing how quickly it changes in both directions.

Q. How excited you are to get back on the course and have you had any time to think about Saturday and Sunday, playing on the weekend?

JEREMY WELLS: Try not to think about it too much or wouldn't have gotten it done.

Yeah, I don't know who my pairing will be or anything like that. Really excited to go out. I imagine I'll start on the back nine. No. 10 is a birdie hole, it could be cool to get off to a good start and see what we can do.

Q. What's it like to share this with your college roomie on the bag?

JEREMY WELLS: Yeah, so Spitzer and I, we met freshman year, and we were from different worlds. After a year or two, we became best buds and have always remained really close.

To have him here experiencing this and kind of be representing our college, William & Mary where we went, it's pretty cool. Never could have predicted any of this. I mean, I wanted to do this full time, like a lot of people, and to just have this treat to be able to come here once a year hopefully and be competitive and have so many people I care about, including him, it's great.

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