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May 18, 2024

Shane Lowry

Louisville, Kentucky, USA

Valhalla Golf Club

Quick Quotes

THE MODERATOR: Shane Lowry is with us at the 106th PGA Championship. A 62 today.

How would you summarize that performance?

SHANE LOWRY: Yeah, it was pretty good. I enjoyed it. I enjoyed every minute of it, obviously. Probably the most disappointed anyone can ever be shooting 62. I knew what was at stake.

Just didn't hit the ball hard enough. Had it on a good read and just broke away from the hole. Look, I went out there with a job to do today, and my job was to try to get myself back in the tournament, and I definitely did that.

Q. Best putting round of your career. What do you credit it to?

SHANE LOWRY: I don't know, to be honest. I changed my putter at the Zurich Classic, and even there like if I had have putted well, I think me and Rory would have won by a few.

I feel like I've sort of changed up how I've been practicing the last two weeks, sort of getting away from the technical side of it and just trying to hole putts and just doing a lot of drills.

But yeah, it's nice to finally see a few going in the hole because it's been a slow year for me on the greens. It's been nice to see it this week.

Look, when I got here, I saw the greens. The greens are beautiful. They're a nice pace to hole putts. It was nice to see a few going in.

Q. Did you have a number in mind today?

SHANE LOWRY: I thought if I could get to double digits, that was my plan. If I could shoot 65, I felt like I'd be there -- I'd obviously need another at least 65 tomorrow if I did that. But that's what I wanted to do. But obviously a few better is nice.

Q. It looked like a fried egg on 10 but not the normal kind. Can you walk us through that there?

SHANE LOWRY: How disappointing was that? I mean, I was on such -- you know, I was on such -- my momentum was there. I was on a good run, and I hit a great second shot straight at the flag. Obviously just come up a few yards short.

But it's kind of where I was trying to hit it in that bunker because I knew I could get it up-and-down, and it pitched in the bunker. Obviously rolled up the face and rolled back in its pitch mark. It was interesting. And then I felt like it was just going to come out soft, and it come flying out of it.

But yeah, that was disappointing. But I had a nice up-and-down there, which kept me going.

Q. I want to ask you how important is it do you feel now to put yourself in the position that you're now in going into Sunday, and what would potentially a second major title mean to you to add to your glittering trophy cabinet?

SHANE LOWRY: Obviously you come here the start of every major championship, and you know what it means to win one of theme. I've been fortunate to do it before, and to win one is pretty good, but to win multiple, you're kind of a bit of a different level.

Yeah, it would mean a lot to me tomorrow. Obviously, look, there's a long way between now and that. We'll see what Xander does and Collin does on the back nine today first, and then we'll go out tomorrow, and hopefully I can -- I'll just go out and give my best.

I go out and fight hard. I've been in this position a few times before, learned from the sort of Oakmont and tournaments like that and brought that into Portrush, and hopefully I can bring some of that with me tomorrow and just give it everything.

Q. Can you just tell me as someone who will never, ever know what it's like to line up a putt for a round of 61, what exactly is going through your mind? What are you thinking?

SHANE LOWRY: I knew I just really wanted to hole it. Probably too much. Yeah, it was just -- I kind of stood back and allowed myself to enjoy the moment. It was a pretty cool moment to have. It would have been a pretty cool moment to kind of seal the deal and do it.

But at the end of the day, I knew even if I didn't do it that I done what I needed to do today, and I'm pretty happy with that.

Q. With what Justin was doing on the front nine, have you ever played so well and not taken the honor on the tee?

SHANE LOWRY: I know. I said that to him on the -- I think it was walking off the 5th green. I'm like, What am I going to have to do to get the honor off you today.

Yeah, it was pretty cool out there, the two of us. He obviously had a great round, as well, and he's put himself in there tomorrow, and we both played great.

It was nice to kind of bounce off each other and feed off each other the whole day.

Q. Just interested more in the psychology of that potential 61. How early was that in your mind as something that could happen, and how if at all does that influence you?

SHANE LOWRY: Well, when you go out in 29, you think, wow, I have a good day going here, and you have 10 that's a pretty gettable par-5. I think when I holed the putt on 14, I was like, here we go, yeah, this is a good chance.

But obviously 15 is a tricky hole and 16 is a tough hole. But it felt like I played them very well. Obviously to birdie 17, that's when I knew I just really wanted to hit a good tee shot on the last. I pushed it a little bit and laid it up, and I hit a great wedge shot, and yeah, obviously just missed the putt.

Yeah, it was in my mind from about 14 onwards.

Q. It looked as if you looked straight up 18 as if you were going to hit --

SHANE LOWRY: Yeah, the ball was kind of sitting up in the rough. I had 170 yards from the fairway to the other side of the water, and I probably could have done it, but it felt like it was maybe a silly decision to go for it under the circumstances.

I knew if I made 5 that I'm still in the tournament. If I made 6, I'd be livid with myself. I felt like it was probably a bit too risky to take on.

I hit a poor lay-up to be honest, and I got fortunate that it was in the semi-rough, and I had a perfect number from there. And I hit a great shot then after that.

Q. Leading up to this week, did you see anything in your game specifically that might have fore shadowed something like this? What was clicking for you?

SHANE LOWRY: I feel like tee-to-green, I've been as good as I've ever been this year, and then I come out the first two days, it was probably the worst I've played in a long time, but my putter kept me going and kept me in the tournament. Then I went to the range with my coach yesterday afternoon and sort of -- it was just an alignment issue. I was set up too far left and all sorts of bad things happen for me when I do that.

Yeah, fixed that, and went out there today, played with a little bit of freedom, and managed to do that score.

Yeah, I've sort of felt all season that if I could warm my putter up that I could be dangerous. I kept saying it. Here I am going out in one of the last groups tomorrow, one of the last few groups tomorrow with a chance in this tournament. That's nice.

Regardless of what happens tomorrow, it's a nice position to be in.

Q. When is the last time you were this satisfied after a round? Seems like there's a pretty good smile you can't wipe off your face.

SHANE LOWRY: To be honest, I said to my coach, my agent after the first two rounds, the last two days, I feel like I've gotten a lot out of my golf this week. I played poorly the first two days I felt, got a lot out of the rounds, and it's been a while since I've felt like that. It's a nice feeling to have.

Going to enjoy it and kind of get out tomorrow and then just try and do it again.

Q. Were you a little surprised the leaders didn't push out a little farther yesterday afternoon, and did that give you a little jump start knowing that you weren't as far back as you started? Then how does the mindset change tomorrow after knowing you needed to go low today?

SHANE LOWRY: Somebody asked me this question after the first -- maybe it was yesterday. Like it happens every week on the PGA TOUR. Somebody goes low the first day and everyone thinks 25-under is going to win or 20-under is going to win. It doesn't work like that. It's a four-round event, and it takes a lot to get to the 72nd hole on Sunday.

I sort of felt like they weren't going to go too far away. Obviously the leaders have played some really solid golf and had some really good scores, but there are a lot of difficult holes out there, as well. Albeit it's soft and there's not much wind, if you play good it's scorable, but if you hit a bad shot, you're going to get in trouble. If you hit an average shot you could get in trouble, as well.

What am I going to -- what was the --

Q. Tomorrow's mindset. You go low today --

SHANE LOWRY: I just have to -- look, I'm going to enjoy this round. I'll go back, put my feet up tonight, have some dinner, hopefully get some sleep and get out there and just fight hard tomorrow and go out and give it my best.

Q. Following up on the question with smiling out there, was there something you took from the Zurich win that might have carried over to today?

SHANE LOWRY: Look, it was obviously nice to win in Zurich. But if you had of seen me last week, I wasn't smiling on the golf course. It's quite hollow when you don't get on very well.

So yeah, obviously, look, winning at the Zurich Classic was great for a lot of things, FedExCup, stuff like that, just to get another win under my belt. It gives you a lot of confidence.

Yeah, it was nice to do that. But then you go on to the next week, and it doesn't make a difference what you've done last week. I think that's the great thing about this game. It doesn't matter what you've done last week, you've still got next week and the week after.

Look, even if I go out and win tomorrow or go out and finish 20th tomorrow, we've still got the Canadian Open in a couple of weeks and Memorial and the U.S. Open. Still got a lot to look forward to.

Yeah, it was nice to get the win at the Zurich, but you just move on quickly and get on to the next event.

Q. What's the lowest you've ever shot anywhere, even if it's not official? Have you ever shot below 60?

SHANE LOWRY: I remember having a chance one day, and I don't normally go out and keep scores, but if I get on a run, you sort of think, I'm actually doing all right here.

I think I maybe shot 61 before, 60, 61, but I've never shot below.

Actually I've shot 60 before. I had a putt for a 59 before. And I didn't make it. (Laughing).

Q. We see a lot of guys when they're out on the course will try to keep their emotions to a minimum. I think you would be categorized as one of the more emotive players in pro golf. Do you feel like it's an asset at all that you kind of wear your heart on your sleeve?

SHANE LOWRY: Well, I think I'm doing okay. I think I'm happy with my career so far, so yeah, I think I'm doing okay. I'm not going to change.

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