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May 18, 2024

Nicolas Jarry

Roma, Italia

Mixed Zone Interview

N. JARRY/T. Paul

6-3, 6-7, 6-3

Q. Very up-and-down match. Nice victory.

NICOLAS JARRY: Yeah, no, it means a lot to be in a final in this tournament with this history, Masters 1000. It's a big deal. Extremely happy for my battle, how I pushed myself through the match, very difficult match.

Tommy doesn't make you feel comfortable on the court, so I made it through and that's the best thing about it. Now enjoy the moment, recover as much as possible and try to continue doing the same in the final.

Q. How did you manage to come back in the game after a difficult second set?

NICOLAS JARRY: Just trying to give my all. Yeah, I was not very happy at the end of the second set. I tried to use that energy to push myself and to focus it on my tennis, on what I need to do, and try to play as best I can. That gave me the break and more confidence to continue and to close the match.

Q. Now is the final. You will play against Zverev. What is the challenge playing him?

NICOLAS JARRY: He's a very good, very good player. He already won here. He's a tough, tough guy to beat. Amazing backhand, good serve. He's playing very good tennis right now.

Just continue doing my game, continue being aggressive, dictating, try to be moving the ball with the forehand, serving good, consistent, and being strong mentally.

Q. Did you expect such a nice atmosphere?

NICOLAS JARRY: The atmosphere tonight?

Q. Yes.

NICOLAS JARRY: Yeah, yesterday and today were amazing. I was hoping it was going to be like yesterday. Yesterday was my first day in the stadium. It was quite a shock. But I enjoy this atmosphere, I like it.

Today I knew how was going to be. I know that Sunday it's going to be the same. Hopefully I can have a lot of cheering, a lot of Chileans shouting for me to have the other crowd on my side. It always helps.

Q. Is your grandfather in the box?


Q. What does it mean to have such an achievement in front of him?

NICOLAS JARRY: Yeah, of course. One of the reasons I play tennis is because of him. I know he's enjoying. It's been a surprise for him to be here. Of course, a surprise to be doing as good as I'm doing in this tournament.

So just I think he's in a part of his life that he enjoys everything, so this is very special for him.

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