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May 16, 2024

Nicolas Jarry

Roma, Italia

Press Conference

N. JARRY/S. Tsitsipas

3-6, 7-5, 6-4

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. Which is the key moment in the match when you think you could beat Stefanos?

NICOLAS JARRY: No, I don't know if there was one key moment. I always knew the thing was very tight. He wasn't being superior than me. I was playing good tennis, so I had to keep working through the match, trying to feel stronger and try to wait for opportunities, try to get them when they arrive. That's what I did.

Q. You saved so many break points in key moments. How do you explain that?

NICOLAS JARRY: I think, first of all, I didn't play good before the break points. That's why he got them. But when they were against me, I played aggressive, I played my game. I went very convince to play every shot without doubting. Yeah, that's how I have to play constantly.

That gave me a good energy to continue after saving those break points.

Q. You're up against Tommy Paul, with whom you have a better head-to-head, 1-0, Roland Garros. How do you see the run-up to this match?

NICOLAS JARRY: I think it's going to be another battle, like today. He's playing very good. Has two great victories today and yesterday. Hopefully I can continue playing aggressive.

I've been playing better and better as the tournament has gone through. Hopefully tomorrow I can continue that path, playing very aggressive and, yeah, not letting Tommy be comfortable moving the ball.

Q. You said on court that you enjoy the more the game, the matches here. What did you mean by that?

NICOLAS JARRY: What did I mean?

Q. It means you don't enjoy enough before or...

NICOLAS JARRY: Yeah, no, I feel I'm not very good enjoying when I'm on the tennis court because I, yeah, want to continue (smiling). I'm trying to put less pressure on me, try to fight, but without over-pressure, yeah. That way I can be a little bit less focus on me and more focus of everything, with a wider attention.

Yeah, that helps me to be a little bit looser and play better.

Q. Two Chilean players in the semifinal. Is it unreal or not so unreal?

NICOLAS JARRY: Unreal? I think it's pretty unreal for Chile. We are a very little country that has had very good success in tennis. It's mainly I think, yeah, a bit of luck.

I think generation through generation, since we've been having good players, tennis is interesting for Chile - outside of football. Football is still the biggest.

Yeah, to have two players in the Masters 1000 semis a big deal for us. Yeah, hopefully everybody can enjoy this moment. I think more moments will come.

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