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May 17, 2024

Thomas Columbel

Woburn, England, UK

Mixed Zone

Q. You've finished 10-over for the tournament, how do you feel you've played over the course of the week?

THOMAS COLUMBEL: I feel like I played reasonable golf and didn't make hit too many greens, like nine greens in regulation each day, so it's not enough to put the score on the board or you have to be really good at scrambling.

Golf course not fitting my game so well, so I'm pretty happy with that, just know what I have to work on and just, you know, in golf, if you just put the ball into the hole on the greens, just like clean sheet.

Q. What about the fact, just thinking about your condition are autism, you were 7-over after the first round and a bit of pressure but you've come back, 3-over. So do you feel you've learned a little bit?

THOMAS COLUMBEL: Yeah, when I came on early in the week, like first day of practise, the stage of the tournament, the pressure came on and under the light of camera, I would lie, just feeling bad on the course, fear, actually, not at ease.

And I did a good debrief after the first day and just faced fear and yesterday I really battled all day to come back from that, and today also. But I mean, yeah, this is the best mental week of the year so far for me because it will -- in my golf game and my life because if I don't go -- my goal is to go on the DP World Tour.

I'm please and proud of the people in this organisation. All the week was awesome.

Q. What was it like to fly the flag for France?

THOMAS COLUMBEL: Top ten is good for me. I finish like seventh or something like that. I'm obviously the only Frenchman this week, so put some more pressure on me. I'm super proud.

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