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May 17, 2024

Richard Kluwen

Woburn, England, UK

Mixed Zone

Q. So Richard, you've obviously played very well. How do you feel you've played over the three rounds?

RICHARD KLUWEN: On this course, I held it together. We had a plan made up, and I stick with it and that's the most difficult thing for me to stick with the plan, and not take any chances. When you take a chance on this course, you can be rewarded or really punished.

Q. And you've won your sport class, Sitting 2, and so are you pleased with that and did you enjoy the whole challenge with the course? Have you enjoyed the players you're playing with?

RICHARD KLUWEN: Of course I enjoyed the players I played with. It was lovely to play with different guys; that I win my sport class was not my; not my motivation to win my sport class. My motivation is just enjoy playing golf. Have fun. Of course I want to play well. I train for it. I want to play well. But to win is not my goal. That's nice.

Q. What did you think of the staging of the whole tournament? Was it a special tournament?

RICHARD KLUWEN: That's the first time I played G4D tournament and I'm bedazzled. I'm really -- I can't believe that an organisation can be so good, well thought of, everything is right. A lot of volunteers who helps with everything. It really a party to be here and I know for sure, I will be here next year. That's for sure.

Q. And you have a special volunteer today, tell me about her.

RICHARD KLUWEN: Yeah, I got -- on the first tee, I I asked for the caddie, oh, you don't have a caddie. So I will arrange a caddie for you.

I was like, I hope it's a good one. I got Susan Kaley (sp), and I think she's the best caddie a man can ever wish for. I change numbers. When I come back next year, she is my caddie win. We had fun, good chemistry and it clicked.

After the first round, after one hole, I said to her, stay with me, three days. And she said yes. We had a click and that's good. They play well. You are at ease. You are why mind is at ease and you play well and you have a good tournament, so I did.

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