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May 17, 2024

Daphne van Houten

Woburn, England, UK

Mixed Zone

Q. Very tired?

DAPHNE VAN HOUTEN: Yeah, it's been a long week, and coming here, I had some days where it's difficult to get around, so you need to keep your focus. I didn't start well today but I had some shots that I had -- I had 11 shots in front. So I knew I needed to keep my cool and I did, so I'm happy I did. And got the win at the end.

Q. How did you find the course in terms of you got a very strong all around game and short game. Did that stand up well all week?

DAPHNE VAN HOUTEN: My short game didn't start well this week because the grass is just a little bit different than what I'm used to. But I got the hang of it today. It was nice, chipping it closer and closer, which helps a lot. I holed some good putts. Missed a few putts but the short game was good today. And the long game is just how it is. I didn't hit that many good irons but I hit a few nice ones close, and it kept me going.

Q. You're always hard on yourself after a round of golf. Can you give yourself a pat on the back today, do you think?

DAPHNE VAN HOUTEN: Yeah, I can. For winning and also -- for winning and also for just finishing the round and keeping myself calm and enjoying it. I enjoyed it so much today and yesterday and the day before. I'm really happy I did that and I didn't get in my own head, like today, the triple on the second, I could have spiraled but I didn't. I just tried to enjoy the sun and the course. It's an amazing course. It was easy to enjoy that.

Q. Knowing so many of the players, has it been great to meet up?

DAPHNE VAN HOUTEN: It's been amazing to see all of the players inside the G4D because you see the guys from G4D all the time. It's just nice to catch up with everybody. I came here a bit earlier, and like I think I spoke to all 80 of them, so that's nice, yeah.

Q. The women's game -- how important has it been --

DAPHNE VAN HOUTEN: I think it's quite important. I try to encourage other women to play golf, disability or not. I think -- I can see it grow. It's growing and growing, and a little bit more competition, so that's really nice, as well. Keeps me, like, how do you say -- keeps me sharp. Yeah, it keeps me sharp if there's many -- more women that play well. So that's been really nice, yeah.

Q. And who is the win for? Do you have any family or friends?

DAPHNE VAN HOUTEN: Well, first of all, I like to thank my caddie. I didn't know her before. She just walked on the first tee on the first day and she did it perfect. Like just chatting around, keeping me comfortable. Of course I want to thank my parents. They did a lot for me. They brought me to many tournaments when I was younger. They went through my operation together with me. They always have my back, even though they are not here, I know they are supporting me and texting me.

So yeah, my family, just my whole family, my brother, my nephew, and Edgar, of course. I wanted to thank Edgar because they make it work and Walter, as well, together with Edgar. It's been an amazing event. It's so big. I wasn't aware until I came here how big the stage is. It's also amazing that there's 80 players. It's a big field and anyone can win this event, as well. It's tight.

Q. And the R&A and the DP World Tour -- -- it's very important to have a real showcase like this.

DAPHNE VAN HOUTEN: Yeah, I think it is. With 80 players, there's so many different disabilities, you can see people watching now, they are impressed with what they are doing and hopefully tell it forward so more people come watch and more people start to pick up a golf club.

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