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May 16, 2024

Thomas Detry

Louisville, Kentucky, USA

Valhalla Golf Club

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THE MODERATOR: Thomas Detry is with us at the 106th PGA Championship.

Thomas, 5-under 66 for you today. What are your thoughts on your opening round?

THOMAS DETRY: Obviously very good. I had a glimpse on the leaderboard out there and I think this puts me inside the top ten, top five. So very happy.

I was a bit nervous to start with, so it was nice to get off to a good start with a couple of birdies. I think I was 2-under after four holes. Didn't really put myself out of position all day to be honest. Just missed -- short-sided myself once on the back nine but that's about it. Really played some great golf. Made every single putt within ten feet, I want to say. It all looked very solid, so very pleased with the way I played.

Q. For the people that say the key here is driving the ball, putting is a big element for you, no?

THOMAS DETRY: Excuse me?

Q. The putting was a huge element for you today, from what you said?

THOMAS DETRY: Yes, putting, driving, as well. I don't think the rough was as thick as what it used to be in previous years. I felt like I got away with a couple of drivers in the rough.

I don't want to say putting. Overall my iron shots were really good. I think hole No. 2 is probably one of the toughest holes out here. I hit a beautiful drive and hit a nice drawing 7-iron into like four or five feet. My approach to the green was on top.

I overall felt like it was a very complementary day and my whole game was very solid.

Q. You mentioned your previous experience, so anything you can use from that here this week?

THOMAS DETRY: Yeah, it's going to play completely different tomorrow. I think the temperature may cool down a little bit. Bit of rain maybe in the morning. But looks like it's going to rain in the afternoon as well, so maybe the rough might be a little bit heavy and juicier.

We'll see. We'll find out tomorrow but I'm looking forward to play tomorrow in the morning. The greens will be slightly nicer I think. A couple of spike marks in the afternoon, so it wasn't actually easy to read them well and trust it as well because it was moving a little bit, but that's just the nature of the way it is.

Q. This is not the first time we interviewed you at the PGA Championship. So there's something about this tournament that works for you?

THOMAS DETRY: I guess so. You must have a better memory than I do.

I think I made the cut. I had a decent week last year. Nothing special. But it feels nice to see that my game is good enough to compete in major championships, and I'm looking forward for the next three days.

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