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May 16, 2024

Yana Wilson

Jersey City, New Jersey, USA

Liberty National Golf Club

Quick Quotes

Q. All right, I'm here with defending champion Yana Wilson. Just talk a little bit about how you felt like you played out there today. A lot of birdies on the scorecard.

YANA WILSON: Yeah, the first hole was a bit of a rough start. Started with a double. After that I was like, okay, nothing can really get worse. I just tried to keep myself positive and tried to keep my head pretty even.

And then just made some putts out there, so I really like these greens, so when you're rolling them you're rolling them and it's a good feeling.

Q. Was there any difference you saw in the course from last year?

YANA WILSON: Not too many differences. It rained a little bit last night, so I feel like the course wasn't as firm as last year, but that honestly helps because it's easier to stop the ball.

But I would say that's about the only one.

And then obviously playing with the wind just makes this course so much hardier.

So that would probably be just about it.

Q. What is your comfortability out here, too, being the defending champion and going through some of the media day and coming in for a press conference?


Q. Are you just comfortable out here did you feel like across the field?

YANA WILSON: Yeah. I feel like I am pretty comfortable out here, especially at Liberty National. It's one of my favorite courses. It looks good to my eye so really fits it.

I've had a lot of practice rounds here so I've gotten a lot of the experience and play on this course. I feel like I know pretty much every square inch on this golf course by now.

With the media it's been so much fun. I love attention. I love the attention, so it's just a good motivator for me to keep playing well throughout the week.

So, yeah.

Q. And just diving a little deeper on how this course suits your game, is there any type of shots, fades, draws, anything in your game that works with Liberty National?

YANA WILSON: I hit it both ways, so, no. Honestly, just hitting it straight for the most part. You can really miss it just like just a little bit left or a little bit right.

So I don't think there is one certain shot shape you need to have to play well on this course. I think if you just hit the fairway and then hit the green, you're good.

But always leaving yourself an uphill putt I think is very key to playing well on this course just because it's easier than having a slider.

Q. And one last question: You talked about how you like doing these things, talking to media.


Q. How do you think that's going to help you in the future? I know a lot of people seems like when they get into professional golf, so many other things come up and it's an additional thing they have to do.


Q. You've been doing this for a while.


Q. How do you think that's going to help you in the future?

YANA WILSON: I don't really treat it like something I have to do. I treat it more as something I get to do. It's something I love doing. Since I was little I would watch the players give interviews and I was like, I want to be just like her and talking about my round and stuff and getting asked all these questions.

I think it'll help for my future because I love get thing attention. I think it'll help me play better and work hard to get interviewed.

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