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May 16, 2024

Frida Kinhult

Jersey City, New Jersey, USA

Liberty National Golf Club

Quick Quotes

Q. Here with Frida Kinhult. Hey, way to play. Nice welcome back gift out here at Liberty National. Just how did you play out there today? How was the golf course?

FRIDA KINHULT: It was fun. Obviously I'm just happy to be back after surgery. It was four weeks at home; kind of boring.

I'm not the best with sitting still, so I'm just glad being outside. The weather was quite rough this morning so it was nice little welcome back with rain and handful storm and gold cold. Just like back home in Sweden I guess.

Yeah, happy to be back. Not sure how or why, but managed to pull off some game and made a few birdies out there, so it was fun.

Q. When you're playing in these challenging conditions, how much more do you just lock in mentally to make sure you're not going to make a big number out there?

FRIDA KINHULT: Yeah, I don't know. It's just kind of hit and hope, especially right now that I don't really know my miss. I've just been swinging the golf club for about a week, so, yeah, no, to keep it simple.

I started off with a double bogey which was like oh, welcome back, punch in your face. No, we turned it around pretty good and gave ourselves a lot of good chances and dropped quite a lot of putts out there too to make some birdies and save some pars.

It was definitely a challenge in this weather, but it was fun.

Q. I know obviously shared this news on social media. What has it meant to be back this week, back in the saddle? How are things? Everything good?

FRIDA KINHULT: Yeah, no, I'm feeling good. It's good to be back pain-free. Again, just excited. It's been boring at home, but, I mean, it's been good weeks, too. I've been able to watch the girls play. Obviously a bummer missing Chevron, first week out, but it was fun to watch them play from home.

Yeah, no, I'm just glad to be out here again.

Q. I'm sure you were getting questions from fans and things, but what made you want to share that just out in the world?

FRIDA KINHULT: Yeah, I think -- I mean, it's obviously quite a normal diagnose, but knot a lot of the people talk about it. Don't quote me, but I think we are one out of ten girls that actually have endometriosis and dealing with cysts and all that stuff.

I don't see why not talking about it. I've helped myself looking on Instagram and TikTok and just Googling about people writing about their experience with it.

Even talked to people out here that I didn't know had it that are dealing with it every day.

So just be open and talk about it. It's not a lot of research about it either, so it's kind of learn day by day. But I think it's good to be open about it and talk about it.

It's no shame. It's so normal.

Q. You're really brave. Looking ahead, three more rounds to go out here at Liberty National. What are you looking forward to most over the next three days and what maybe will you take from today's challenging conditions and apply to the rest of the week?

FRIDA KINHULT: Yeah, again, I'm just excited. I'm just happy. I feel like this is a bonus. I wasn't sure how much time I needed to recover, but I got cleared about a week ago.

So, again, I'm just enjoying the moment, enjoying walking on grass, having a good time with my caddie, Bruce. We're having fun out there. Trying to just enjoy being back really. No expectations. Just I mean, I could go out and shoot a 65 or 85 tomorrow. Still going to be a fun day.

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