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May 16, 2024

Brendan Lawlor

Woburn, England, UK

Mixed Zone

Q. Same again, good golf?

BRENDAN LAWLOR: Yeah, happy, another 71, 1-under par, 2-under for the tournament. Again I left a few out there. Made some really good up-and-downs in the front nine. Turned in 2-under. Then I kind of sprayed it a wee bit in the back nine. Didn't really have the driver on a string but I had a few nice up-and-downs. Made a really good birdie on 15. Bogeyed 17 and parred 18. So plus one back nine and 2-under for the tournament, yeah.

Q. As you say it feels like yesterday, was it the putter holding you back?

BRENDAN LAWLOR: Yeah, big time. Like I holed some really good putts on the front nine for birdies, and I missed a few from like five, six feats for pars and that's kind of killing me. So it could have been two, say, 3-, 4-under rounds, but again, you have to stay out of trouble here. I feel I've done that pretty well.

If you're in the trees, it's bogey all day long. So I've kept it on the fairway good the last two days. Didn't capitalise on the greens but if I can do the same tomorrow, hole a few putts, we'll be down there.

Q. As things stand, two ahead coming off the last, is that the position you want to be in going into the last round?

BRENDAN LAWLOR: A bit like déjà vu from last year. It was pretty similar. I'm not going to really think about it to be honest because after three holes last year, I was behind. So I'm just going to feel like I'm behind tomorrow and keep doing my own thing and stick to the game plan. Hit fairway, greens, hole a few putts and try and finish the event under par.

Q. What's it going to take tomorrow?

BRENDAN LAWLOR: Yeah, it's going to be exciting. Me and Kipp, we get on pretty well. He's a really good golfer. His game's on a really good level, but my game is also on a really good level. He's No. 1 at the minute. I want to try to take that off him eventually. He's too far ahead but I think if he can go out and win this event, it's true who the real No. 1 player is. So let's see what happens.

Q. You won this last year. First-ever champion. What would it mean to do it again?

BRENDAN LAWLOR: I've never defended before. That's going to be really exciting for me to go out and do it. Again, I'm not going to put pressure on myself to go out and defend a title. If Kipp goes out and shoots 6-under, there's nothing I can do. But I want to go out and shoot an under-par round tomorrow and see where it leaves me.

Q. What was the buzz like today?

BRENDAN LAWLOR: Great buzz. There's a lot of crowd, actually, around the place following your shots, clapping, and you don't -- like no one knows what that means or boosting you. If things aren't going well, having people to keep me in check it sometimes a good thing. It pulls you up from that down state to make a few birdies and keep on going. Yeah, I'm excited for tomorrow.

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