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May 15, 2024

Alejandro Tabilo

Roma, Italia

Press Conference

A. TABILO/Zhang Zhizhen

6-3, 6-4

THE MODERATOR: Questions for Alejandro, please.

Q. Can you tell us your feeling during match point.

ALEJANDRO TABILO: Yeah, I mean, I was pretty nervous. That whole game I was just looking at my team, just trying to smile. I was very nervous at the end. I was just trying to talk a lot with them.

That last point, I just remember deciding where I'm going to go. I took a deep breath and I just went for it. Thankfully it went in. Yeah, just unbelievable feeling.

Q. In the past you said that Rafa was your idol. What does it mean for you to be here in this tournament that Rafa won 10 times, maybe in the last edition for Rafa?

ALEJANDRO TABILO: Yeah, I mean, just getting here, first time playing Rome, never thought I'd be here right now. It's just a crazy feeling. It's been crazy two weeks.

There's still another match, so I got to regroup, keep thinking about my tennis, rest well, come out on Friday with everything I got.

Yeah, it's been a crazy, crazy ride. Very honored to be able to play here in the semis on Friday.

Q. I know you talked a bit about Canada and your journey the other day. Could you just go into a little bit more detail about why your family moved to Canada, what they did there, and how you first started playing tennis.

ALEJANDRO TABILO: I mean, they both went to Canada just to start a new life. They each went with their families. They met in Canada. That was pretty crazy. After that, I was born there.

Yeah, I mean, after that I just started playing 'cause my brother played tennis just for fun. We had like the biggest club in our province like right across the street. I would be at the club. Started playing there.

From then, I just kept playing and I loved it. Now I'm here (smiling).

Q. I heard you have separated with your coach after Madrid. If it's true, why?

ALEJANDRO TABILO: Yeah, these last two weeks, three weeks, I've been with no coach. We split up after Madrid. There is just a few problems with kind of logistics with the coaches 'cause we have, like, a pretty big team. We just couldn't see eye-to-eye to some things.

It was a good split. We both decided it was best for us. I mean, with my coaches and everything, we're still okay. Just we decided to split.

Yeah, I've been without a coach since right after Madrid.

Q. To see the results, is it a coincidence?

ALEJANDRO TABILO: It was extremely tough. That's why I've been so thankful for the people that have been around me these past few weeks. Mentally was crazy 'cause we were together for almost 10 years now. It was pretty sad. I had a lot of phone calls, a lot of talks with my family, with my friends. They helped a lot.

It's been pretty crazy that I was able to keep my mental still pretty stable. Yeah, I mean, I've been playing loose. We've been trying to not even think about too much tactics or anything. We've just been playing the game. I've been swinging. Lately it's been working.

After this whole swing, after Roland Garros, I'm going to determine what I'm going to do. After that, try and regroup better.

Q. Can you explain your feelings the day after the win against Novak. Did you enjoy the win or you were able to be focused on the next match?

ALEJANDRO TABILO: I was extremely happy. I wasn't even expecting it. I just went out there trying to do my best tennis. I was really just, like, soaking it all in when I went on center court. After that, it's been crazy. My phone was going crazy. I just turned it off, tried to be with my friends.

It was tough 'cause, I mean, always after that there's expectations. I had to really be ready for the next match 'cause you want to keep going, doing better.

Yeah, I feel like I managed it pretty well. It hasn't been easy, but just trying to take it as calm as possible and just keep playing my game.

Q. Your feeling for the next match, the semifinal?

ALEJANDRO TABILO: A little nervous for semis. Just want to watch this match tonight with Fritz and Zverev, try to analyze it a little bit. Just go in there and try to have as much fun as possible.

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