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May 15, 2024

Asterisk Talley

Sarah Lim

San Antonio, Texas

Oak Hills Country Club

Quick Quotes

Q. How does it feel?

SARAH LIM: Kind of crazy but I'm super excited. We weren't expecting -- well, she probably was. We came here to win, but it's kind of crazy that we actually won.

ASTERISK TALLEY: During the match I felt like we weren't always playing our best game, but today we really focused during the finals and we were locked in.

Q. What does it mean to be a USGA champion?

ASTERISK TALLEY: It's crazy just knowing that I'm on the team and now I'm a champion. I don't know how to explain it. It's just super crazy. I'm speechless about it.

Q. What do you think you'll say to Gianna when you see her?

SARAH LIM: We'll probably be talking about it, just how it felt to finally win and just being on the team and having a USGA under our belt.

Q. This season for you, it just keeps getting better and better. You won the Sage Valley, which is a really prestigious event. You qualified for the Women's Open and now the camp and now this.

ASTERISK TALLEY: Yeah, it's been a crazy year already and we're not even halfway through. I'm just excited for what's to come, and I'm not going to let this overcome my thought. I'm just going to keep practicing and working hard.

Q. You guys got down early in the match, then you made about a 20-footer to tie it. Was that kind of the spark for you guys?

SARAH LIM: It was definitely motivational because I think we were feeling a little bit down in the first few holes like when we were 1-down. It was a really close match, too, especially in the --

ASTERISK TALLEY: I feel like our putts just haven't been going in. Like it's always been on the edge, like super close. It's always been good every time, like we've been having gimmes. But I feel like that was the first long putt that she made. I think it gave us hope for the match and gave us more confidence for the rest.

Q. Then you had a weird situation on 7. That girl picked up the putt -- I don't know if you had conceded it or not but sounds like you didn't. They say it was definitely a turning point. What happened there?

ASTERISK TALLEY: Well, I believe what happened is her partner picked up for par and she actually picked up for bogey, so she thought they tied the hole, like we all tied. I don't think she thought we conceded it, she just thought she picked up for par. That was just kind of frustrating for them I feel like.

Q. You birdied 8 to go 2-up and you kind of were in control from that point on.

ASTERISK TALLEY: Yeah, I feel like it was a turning point in the match. I feel like for them we kept playing good golf and expanding our lead, and I feel like that really helped us out.

Q. You guys played a lot of golf this week. When you're 2-up going into the back nine, do you get a second wind? Do you find some adrenaline to keep going even though you played obviously a match this morning and all the matches leading up to it and the stroke play rounds?

SARAH LIM: I think we were definitely feeling it a little bit when we made the turn, but I feel like we got to 12-ish and I got a rush --

ASTERISK TALLEY: I feel like making the turn we were kind of tired, and then when we really thought we were going to win and we started getting ahead, I feel like that gave us an adrenaline boost and we got our energy like it was only the first round again.

Q. You're both in the Women's Am, you're both into the Girls' Junior, so no qualifying required. That's kind of a stress reliever. Have you ever played in either of them?

SARAH LIM: No, I haven't.

ASTERISK TALLEY: I have two tournaments that conflicted with my Women's Am qualifier, so we were trying to decide whether we should not play one of the tournaments and play my Women's Am qualifier, and we decided not to play the qualifier, so I guess this is like owe toe.

SARAH LIM: You get to go anyway.

Q. Now you've got to catch a flight tonight and go play golf tomorrow. I know you've got a 1:55 tee time so you've got a little bit of a break --

ASTERISK TALLEY: Yeah, I think we're flying in at like 2:00 in the morning.

Q. Your mom said a 9:00 p.m. night?

ASTERISK TALLEY: Yeah, we're arriving at 2:00 a.m., so I'll definitely get some sleep on the plane. I'll probably be out the whole time, and I'll have some time to rest before my tee time.

Q. How did this partnership form? You guys have been close friends since high school or --

SARAH LIM: We actually live like three hours away from each other, but we go to the same coach.

Q. Who's that?


SARAH LIM: We play our local tournaments -- I think I asked her if she wanted to play. Again it was just from there on --

ASTERISK TALLEY: After the qualifier, we just played more.

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