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May 15, 2024

Lachlan Wood

Woburn, England, UK

Press Conference

Q. Level par after the final round, how did you play today?

LACHLAN WOOD: I played good overall. I started off with a couple bit of bad luck to end up a few over par, but we slowly picked it back and stuck to the game plan and got it back level in the end.

Q. Are you happy with the way you're playing, and what's your target for tomorrow?

LACHLAN WOOD: My game is trending in the right way, especially with the short putter. Game plan for tomorrow is just stick at it and do as best as I can and not be so result-focused.

Q. The ball is coming out of the club well?

LACHLAN WOOD: I'm good driver of the ball. Got the game plan down pat, and got the best caddie I can get on the bag. He's keeping me out of my own head, which is my biggest problem.

Just got to do what I did today. It's only going to get better. It's only going to get better. The putts are getting closer and closer.

Q. You were here last year, as well. What do you think of the whole setup this year and the signage and the look of the thing?

LACHLAN WOOD: Setup is great. Similar to last year but better. It's obviously the pinnacle event on the calendar for us. It gives the opportunities for the players that don't quite make the G4D Tour to have a taste of it, and also open up their eyes to how big, how actual inclusive golf is becoming, and the way you guys run is it amazing. So to be part of it is an honour.

Q. So you're in fourth place now. So you're on course, aren't you?

LACHLAN WOOD: Yeah, I'm on track. You know, I'd take fourth place today, that's fine. The amount of putts that didn't go in; the amount of 3-putts and the amount of bad luck, and everyone has that, you know what I mean. Kipp could have said that, I'm sure. Kipp could have shot 7-under. Everyone is going to say there's three, four, five shots left out there. You can't stew on it.

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