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May 15, 2024

Tony Lloyd

Woburn, England, UK

Mixed Zone

Q. So Tony, round of 86 today, fairly pleased with that?

TONY LLOYD: Over the moon with it to be honest. A couple of silly bogeys in there, two three doubles, but other than that, over the moon because it's seven, eight, even ten shots better than last year. So better golf for myself, and really happy with that.

Q. And is it a very challenging test out there, the shape of the course and the greens and things?

TONY LLOYD: It's always a challenge, the Duchess, because it's tight. So every tee shot, if you're a straight hitter, I luckily am, you've got a chance but if you've got any sort of shape on your shots, it can cause problems.

But yeah, it's a challenge. The greens are pure as you like. So I was really happy with them. They are fast and pure and I like that in a golf course.

Q. And what do you think of the overall venue as a showpiece with all the signage and everything?

TONY LLOYD: I like it. I like the little walk of champions when you walk out of the clubhouse and see all the champions from last year. I think that's a really special touch.

I like the sports classes explain board as well. I think that's very important for anybody who wants to come along and the fact that we've all got our icons. I love my icon by the way.

It's just been up from last year, and I thought last year was special.

Q. And what are your hopes for round two and the rest of the week, what are you looking for?

TONY LLOYD: With three lipouts and three doubles today, I think I can go -- I know I can go lower.

So I'm hoping to knock another two, maybe three shots off that tomorrow, it would be nice if it stays dry because that helps me with the run on the fairways.

So yeah, I'd like to hope, at the end of it, if I walk around with three rounds in the mid 80s on this course, I'll be overjoyed.

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