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May 15, 2024

Casper Holst-Christensen

Woburn, England, UK

Press Conference

Q. How do feel you played today?

CASPER HOLST-CHRISTENSEN: Pretty well. Probably not striking the ball any better at any point in time. So score doesn't really reflect how well I hit the ball but that's kind of the thing with golf sometimes.

Q. Would you take 76 as a starting point for the tournament?

CASPER HOLST-CHRISTENSEN: I would definitely take 76 as a starting point. I feel like I got around pretty well under the circumstances. So I'm pretty happy with today.

Q. And what are your hopes for the week then from now? Are you hoping to maybe go and win the trophy still?

CASPER HOLST-CHRISTENSEN: I'm doing a little bit of a different approach this week. I set my expectations and I just have one goal in mind about this, to have fun on the course and enjoy playing, and if that leads me to win, then so be it, but if it doesn't, then, yeah, I'm just here to enjoy the time.

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