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May 12, 2024

Linn Grant

Clifton, New Jersey, USA

Upper Montclair Country Club

Quick Quotes

Q. All right, here with Linn Grant. Posted one of the best rounds so far of today, 5-under. Just talk a little bit about your round and the conditions you saw out there.

LINN GRANT: It was very rainy and wet, especially the first nine holes. Which I feel like my game this week has been quite solid. I just haven't really gotten into kind of the state of mind that I need to be in.

Sometimes I feel like the rain helps me, which is sort of strange. But it kind of pushes me to force myself to stay positive with everything and trying to see like an optimistic few of the day and the course and everything.

So despite it being very wet and rainy, it kind of helped me to get those birdies in.

Q. Just talk maybe earlier in the week when you wake up, see the weather, how do you distract yourself from thinking negative thoughts, kind of prep for that maybe?

LINN GRANT: I think it's something that my dad used to say when I played like junior golf. If you wake up and it's raining and you have a positive mindset, you've already beaten half of the field. If you can perform well, you beat the rest.

So, yeah, I just try to get ahead of everyone else in that mindset. Again, that kind of pushes me to force myself to stay positive.

Q. And you touched a little bit on it, but the week as a whole, what kind of momentum does this give you being near the top, finishing near the top?

LINN GRANT: Very nice. I feel like -- like the past couple weeks have been like a solid top 25, top 30, which is not bad. I feel like I've been waiting to kind of get everything to kind of click in my game.

Today was closer to that, which is very nice, and kind of get little bit a little tap on the shoulder that I'm still here.

So, yeah, I mean, it feels good.

And then it's a good stretch coming up, so I'm excited.

Q. And we talked a little bit about it, but your brother was on the bag this week. How nice is it to have him on the bag?

LINN GRANT: Very nice. Very relaxed. I feel like now the first week -- the plan is he's going to continue the whole year, so it's been like a first of many for him this week. It's been fun but also like, again, another thing that I've had to like just be very optimistic about. Like it's fine. Just take your time. No stress.

Especially with the rain and like the umbrella and the papers and the clubs it's been a bit stressful, but he's done a great job and I think it's going to get better. For every week I think I can lean on him a little bit more and more, especially since he gets to know my game.

Yeah, it'll be fun.

Q. So no sibling rivalry or anything like that? On the same team this week?

LINN GRANT: We're on the same team. We're usually on the same team.

Q. Can you just touch on the importance of the Founders? The original 13 have passed away sadly, but we had some Pioneers out there the past few days. Just talk about the importance of the history of the game.

LINN GRANT: Gosh, I mean without them I wouldn't be sitting here. No one would've been where we are today.

Obviously their role and them being here this week, I think it's really cool that everyone recognizes them and see them this person. Like you say, the 13 Founders but you never really see them, so very cool for us to have them out here and see us play. I mean, they're amazing golfers, and their history in golf is huge. Really cool. Really big.

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