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May 10, 2024

Blades Brown

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, USA

Dunes Golf and Beach Club

Quick Quotes

Q. Blades, making the cut as a 16 year old in your PGA TOUR debut. How does it feel?

BLADES BROWN: It feels amazing. For me, I was like, okay, I can either make the cut or do homework tomorrow and feel bad about myself. My mom was kind of throwing that at me this morning, and I was like, all right, mom. But it definitely feels surreal.

After I made that putt on 9, that little two-inch putt, I was like, yes. I can go chill by the beach, I can do whatever, but I'm so stoked.

Q. You finished with a 32 on the front nine coming in. What were some of the key moments that stick out to you?

BLADES BROWN: Man, I forgot what hole, I think No. 4, the par-5, I had -- I was in the rough but I had 3-wood, and Jack is my caddie, I'm like, Jack, let's go for this green, if I get on the green it's an automatic birdie. Hit it in the water, and I was like, man. I was like, that's all right, 78 yards, chip it up there, and then I hit that over the green, and I'm like, no way.

But then we get up there, and I'm like, okay, I feel like I can chip this in, and then it goes in, and I'm like, all right, let's get it now.

Q. You made the cut comfortably. What's the mindset as you go into the weekend?

BLADES BROWN: Well, my goal was to make the cut, and lucky enough I was able to do that. I just go out and play and see how low I can go these next two days.

Q. Yesterday you sort of talked about feeling the nerves. Was there a shot today or moment today where you really felt it or when you got over it?

BLADES BROWN: I'd say today compared to yesterday, because yesterday was my first time ever playing a PGA TOUR event so I was a little nerve-racked the whole day. Today I felt a lot better. Today I felt like I was playing golf that I know how to play.

But yeah, it's so cool to make the cut at a PGA TOUR event.

Q. I know your first several holes it was like green in regulation, two-putt, two-putt, two-putt. What got you to turn it on?

BLADES BROWN: A Wiseman once told me that the tournament starts on the back nine on Sunday, and for me, I know today is not Sunday, but my final nine after making a bogey on 18, my ninth hole, that was the back nine for me. That was Sunday back nine for me. I just said, okay, whatever happens happens. Jack told me, he was like, man, you've got to get everything to the hole this time, and I was like, yes, sir. So we were able to make a few putts, and yeah.

Q. You had a big support system this week. What did it mean to you having everyone there cheering you on?

BLADES BROWN: It's so fun. I don't even know any of these people, and they're like, "Blades, Blades, Blades, Blades." It's so electric being here as a 16 year old. It gives me momentum and courage for future events, and yeah, I'm excited.

Q. What would you be doing this week if you weren't here?

BLADES BROWN: Man, I would be studying like crazy because I've already missed like 45 days of school, so I'm sure I'd be catching up on some English assignment or something. But to not have to do any homework this weekend or kind of pitch it in here and there feels amazing.

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