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May 9, 2024

Rose Zhang

Clifton, New Jersey, USA

Upper Montclair Country Club


Q. Rose, players are following you today. Had a couple weeks off. Obviously found a little something in those two weeks. Can you let everybody know what it was that you found?

ROSE ZHANG: Yeah, I think the game of golf is obviously very difficult. I've been having bit of a struggle bus here and there on a couple events, but I think for me today it was just I felt a lot more comfortable out there.

I felt like my swing was -- I was able to swing the way I wanted to and almost felt like I was just kind of dialed in. I think overall, it's just a little bit of rest and a little bit more of the confidence in my own game and trying to prep for that.

Q. Obviously we know that you've been going through schoolwork as well as trying to play on the LPGA Tour. How difficult has it been combining the two and now that you're free being able to play?

ROSE ZHANG: Definitely. I feel like the lack of sleep definitely caused me to -- it was a little bit more of a struggle to balance both. Even though I feel strongly to finish both and do it in a really high achieving way, sometimes it's -- it's a little difficult to be able to balance your timing with your rest and be able to focus on both ends.

But I'm very grateful for the opportunity to do both. I think I'm definitely continuing and going to continue doing it. It just takes a little bit time and I'm still adjusting.

Q. It's been almost a year that you've been a professional and a year ago you played your first tee shot. Were you more nervous playing the first tee shot or throwing out the first pitch at the Yankees' game?

ROSE ZHANG: That's a very good question. Well, both of them feel similar just because I had no idea what to expect. I have never thrown a baseball before, so for viewers out there, please don't shame me on that.

Hopefully I get to practice a little bit more, but it was such an honor. My gosh. To be able to be in that baseball stadium, and I was with the whole Excel fam with couple other players, with Michelle. It was a blast. Really just admired all the players there.

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