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May 5, 2024

Brooks Koepka

Republic of Singapore

Sentosa Golf Club

Smash GC

Press Conference

THE MODERATOR: Let's welcome the champion of LIV Golf Singapore 2024, Brooks Koepka, the captain of Smash GC. Brooks, you shot 15-under to win the tournament by two. You shot 3-under today, which wasn't nearly as good as your 7-under yesterday, so you had some people on your tail. Were you watching the leaderboard and feeling the heat?

BROOKS KOEPKA: I felt the heat, but it was mainly because of how hot it was. Yeah, just played very consistent, missed it in the right spots. When you're playing with a lead you do that. You don't have to force anything. When you do get some wedges, try to take advantage of it. I think I kind of did that on 15.

Yeah, just happy with the way I played.

Q. Obviously this is going to give you some confidence heading into the PGA Championship. How are you feeling now that you've secured this W?

BROOKS KOEPKA: Yeah, I feel good. I feel a lot better than I did last week. It was rounding the corner for me. Like I said earlier I think in one of the press conferences, I felt like the results weren't there. It was improving but the results weren't there. It's nice to see some results and the hard work paying off.

Q. What are you going to do between now and the major to keep your form?

BROOKS KOEPKA: Go do my normal routine, work out and play golf and relax.

Q. How special was it to have Jenna and Crew there to greet you, first win with crew there?

BROOKS KOEPKA: Yeah, it's super awesome. It's great to have him out. Like I said earlier in the week, it's been kind of disappointing because he's watched me finish 45th, which is kind of embarrassing. It's something I've always dreamed of is having Jenna and Crew there when I win. To have them here is super special and something I'll never forget.

Q. You said on TV that you started to see something kind of in the lead-up going into Adelaide. What exactly did you see?

BROOKS KOEPKA: Just ball-striking I think was starting to round the corner. I was starting to see it come out of the right window. If I don't see it come out of the right window I kind of struggle. But it was nice to see it start where I wanted it and the ball was moving in the right direction.

I kind of didn't know if it was going to fade or draw for about a month there. But I just got into bad habits. It's all the same thing. We've just got to go back to the basics with me. Playing in wind all year, the ball just got moved back and that was about it. I count really hard on Claude and Ricky to really just pay attention to the fundamental stuff.

Q. You mentioned the Masters results a couple of times this week. Obviously you've got nothing to prove out here with the five majors and who knows how many more, but internally do you feel like sometimes you need a chip on your shoulder to a certain degree? A lot of the great athletes seem to need that for a bit of motivation.

BROOKS KOEPKA: It's all internal. Sometimes I can make it external, but it's all internal to me. Look, I don't enjoy playing bad. It's not fun for me.

I know they kind of pointed out I got punishment workouts all throughout Adelaide and this week because of the way I played. Try to correct that and don't have to run that many miles and sweat my ass off.

Q. Were you aware during the round itself kind of how some of the guys were nipping at your heels? I don't know how much you were looking at the leaderboard, but you always seem to come up with the clutch par save or whatever just to maintain the lead. They never actually caught you.

BROOKS KOEPKA: Yeah, I watch it all the time. To me it doesn't make any difference. I'm still doing what I've got to do or focusing on what I need to focus on.

Look, if somebody goes out and beats me, I have no problem with losing if I get flat-out beat. That doesn't bug me. But like I said, just kind of using it for last-second prep for the PGA.

Q. Do you feel that you play better under pressure?

BROOKS KOEPKA: I mean, I like to think so, but I think when there's more on the line, it's more enjoyable and that actually feels like real golf. Nobody wants to be out competing on a Sunday when you're battling for 45th. It's just kind of a go at everything and hope you shoot a low round.

But being in contention kind of gets to be a little bit more fun, and I think what guys are used to.

Q. On the last hole when you first -- when you chipped from the -- when you were going to the green and it was quite a long putt, what was going through your mind when you were going for a birdie?

BROOKS KOEPKA: Well, I actually didn't realize, I thought I had to make the last one for our team to finish third. Was kind of disappointed with the first one. Just kind of bumped the first putt, just bumped in the fringe and bumped right so it kind of had no chance. I didn't realize that Adrian's putt took them ahead of us. I still thought I had to make it for our team. Kind of disappointed in that.

But look, guys are battling, so things like that happen.

Q. Now that you won here and going into the major, would you be comfortable with expectations raised? What would make you comfortable going into a major?

BROOKS KOEPKA: I mean, winning always helps, but I still have the same expectations every time I go tee it up and that's to win. Those are my expectations, what I want to do. One result doesn't mean anything really in the scheme of things. For two weeks, a lot can change. Yeah, it does help, but at the same time, I've seen guys miss cuts and then go win and then win and then not compete the week after. It's all ebbs and flows.

Q. Earlier this week you mentioned how much you like to win. To win one major is hard enough, but you've done back-to-back majors twice and now you're going for a third one. What do you think gives you that winning edge? Is it mental?

BROOKS KOEPKA: Yeah, I mean, I think iron play is a huge part of that. I think I'm a good ball striker. I seem to make -- I'm pretty good inside eight feet I feel like. Normally when there's a clutch putt, I feel like I do make it, but I think the big thing that kind of separates me is my ability to lock in and go someplace where I think a lot of guys can't go.

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