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September 3, 2004

Angela Haynes


THE MODERATOR: First question for Angela, please.

Q. When they moved you to Arthur Ashe Stadium, was that exciting, nerve-wracking?

ANGELA HAYNES: Little bit of both. But I was just trying to keep my eye on my opponent and the ball. Not really worried about that. I had a pretty big crowd at Grandstand. I was trying not to think about it.

Q. When did you start home training?

ANGELA HAYNES: My freshman year of high school.

Q. If there was a shot you could have back, would it be that volley after she hit it between her legs?

ANGELA HAYNES: She shocked me with that one. I was too busy looking at her - because it was a good shot - I forgot to hit the volley.

Q. What do you take away from this? What have you learned, and does it give you kind of momentum to work harder, feeling like you're pretty close to some of these girls now?

ANGELA HAYNES: Yeah, I had a pretty good run. I gained a lot of confidence here. She was a very tough player, very good. But, you know, I have to move on to the next tournament, you know, keep winning and hope that I'll be back next year.

Q. Do you feel pressure as a black female tennis player to be a role model for others, especially in the inner city?


Q. The expectations?

ANGELA HAYNES: No. I mean, it depends how you look at it. This is just a great opportunity for me and all the other kids like me coming up, you know. Like Venus and Serena opened the window for a lot of people, you know. I could do the same thing. But I always look at it, you know, in a positive way.

Q. Looked like you had that tiebreaker, up 3-1. Why do you think you just weren't able to hold on?

ANGELA HAYNES: A lot of dumb mistakes. I started thinking about it a little bit, going for too much. Because I know she's tough, she was gonna chase every ball. I was trying to do a little bit more, and I didn't play within myself. I don't know. I should have just settled down, but I didn't.

Q. Is that just a matter of not having been in quite --

ANGELA HAYNES: Yeah, she has a lot of experience. You know, I give her that. She's a great player. But this is my first time on Arthur Ashe, so it was a lot going on for me. But just constantly being in that situation, you become comfortable. So after a while, I'm just gonna learn to settle down.

Q. What was your initial reaction when they told you they were moving you to Arthur Ashe?

ANGELA HAYNES: I was excited. It's a great experience, to say, "Hey, I played on Arthur Ashe Stadium." Yeah, just real excited, kind of nervous. But what can I do?

Q. How soon before the match did they tell you? When did you get word?

ANGELA HAYNES: About an hour and a half before. I had plenty of time to get ready.

Q. When you say you had a lot going on, what do you mean by that?

ANGELA HAYNES: Just the crowd and the whole ambiance, being out there in front of all the people, being on TV, people counting on you. I mean, I think I was the favorite. It sounded like I was (smiling). It was tough.

Q. So did that cause you to lost --

ANGELA HAYNES: Concentration? Yes, sometimes.

Q. Did you have a hard time getting a read on her serve in the first set? You didn't get a breakpoint. Seemed like you got a feel for it better in the second set.

ANGELA HAYNES: Yeah, I didn't really get -- I couldn't really get a rhythm because she was good at holding her shots. Like she would hold until the last minute, then hit it, and I was just stuck. But it took me a minute. In the second set I got it. I had a couple of opportunities, but just couldn't do it.

Q. Did Arthur have any particular meaning for you?

ANGELA HAYNES: No (smiling). Not really.

Q. Arthur Ashe.

ANGELA HAYNES: I mean, yeah. Being on that stadium just is a great experience.

Q. Did you know him at all?


Q. Did you know his history? Had you read about him, know about much him?

ANGELA HAYNES: He opened the window for a lot of African Americans. He was a great tennis player, great person so... We need more people like him, really.

Q. What's next? Do you know where you're going to play next, what comes next for you?

ANGELA HAYNES: Actually, I'm playing a challenger in New Mexico, Albuquerque. It's a 75,000. So I'll play that and then I'm not sure what's after that.

Q. Would you hope for more chances in a main draw? Do you think maybe this will help you get a couple wildcards?

ANGELA HAYNES: Yes, it could. But I just want to thank the USTA for giving me this opportunity, again, because I had it last year also. But if I just keep winning, playing like this, then I won't need them.

Q. Could you tell us what was going on, you walked over to the side, banged a racquet on the side of the court.

ANGELA HAYNES: I was just fed up with myself, really. I was just giving the girl too many chances. I wasn't making her play enough balls. I felt I gave her too much respect. But, still, going for too much. I wasn't playing my game. You know, going for winners at the wrong time. I should have made her rally more in the first set.

Q. Too much respect because you haven't really played against too many seeded players in a big tournament. Is that what you mean?

ANGELA HAYNES: Yes, yes. That's what I mean.

Q. Less respect next time, please (smiling).

ANGELA HAYNES: (Laughing).

Q. That shot she hit between her legs, can you describe sort of as that unfolded your thought process.

ANGELA HAYNES: I was just like, "What the...? What is this?" I'm too busy looking at her. She still has her back turned and everything, I'm looking at her. Then I realized, "Here's the volley." It was too late.

Q. Do you think that USTA has done enough to get tennis into the inner city? When I say the "inner city," as far as the African American community is concerned?

ANGELA HAYNES: Well, I'm not really sure. I haven't really had that much to do with the USTA until like last year, so I'm not really sure what they're doing.

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