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June 21, 2005

Angela Haynes


THE MODERATOR: Ladies and Gentlemen, Angie Haynes.

Q. Your dad said when you first saw the draw, you were really excited about the chance to play Serena. Can you talk about your feeling getting to play her in the first round.

ANGELA HAYNES: Well, yes, I was excited. It's a privilege to be able to come out first time at Wimbledon and play a champion like Serena. Plus it would let me see like where my game was at, you know, things that I need to work on, like things Serena would exploit.

Q. What do you think now?

ANGELA HAYNES: I think I'm right around the corner, you know, just a couple points here and there and I had the match.

Q. How did you get so good since the last time we saw you at the US Open?

ANGELA HAYNES: It's all desire (laughter). I don't think it's really my game. It's really the will. You know, I love tennis. I try to improve every day. Take it one step at a time.

Q. When you were little, do you remember Serena? You're three years younger. When you were at the same park, what are your memories of her in particular?

ANGELA HAYNES: Serena always hated to lose. She would hit with my brother. Her and my brother would play like sets or points or whatever. She did not want to lose. She doesn't care who you were. Very competitive. A very hard worker. Those are memories I have of her when she was younger.

Q. What about now?

ANGELA HAYNES: Same thing (laughter). Same thing.

Q. Was there a point in the match where you thought to yourself, "She's turning into Serena now"?

ANGELA HAYNES: Yeah, she definitely turned it up. Actually, a fan told her to, you know. They're like, "Turn up the heat, Serena." Since then, she really stepped it up in that last set around, like, 4-2 or 3-2, she turned her game up.

Q. Did you think at any point that fitness was going to be an issue with her? It looked like she kind of wasn't moving as well. I don't know what it looked like across the net. First set, I thought she looked winded.

ANGELA HAYNES: I was not paying attention to anything like that. You know, she has the experience, so on a bad day you know she could come out and beat the top players. I was just really focused on keeping her out there. I know I'm a fit player. I was just trying to keep her out there as long as possible just to test, to see if she is fit right now.

Q. You said you're right around the corner. You seemed so frustrated, like you were so close to beating Serena. Can you talk about your emotions right at the end of that match.

ANGELA HAYNES: Well, I was serving to bring it back at 5-All in the second set. I think that was where it turned around, you know. I felt if I could have won that game, I could have closed the match out. I was serving pretty well. But, you know, I really was just focusing on taking it one point at a time because one point changes the entire match. And I know how tough mentally Serena is, so I wasn't going to let down for anything.

Q. What was your reaction when you saw the draw with the background that you and the Williams family shares?

ANGELA HAYNES: Again, I felt really excited, you know. If I won, it could have changed my whole life. You know, she's a champion. Man, I don't know what would have happened if I would have won that match.

Q. Did you have any thoughts along those lines when you were ahead in the match today?

ANGELA HAYNES: No, I never thought about winning, you know. That could destroy everything, you get too far ahead of yourself. I've done that a lot of times and never really came out with the win. So again, just one point at a time. I was focusing a lot on my serve. I wanted to go into her body. I knew where the serve would come back to. I knew she really didn't like the body serve, so it worked out well.

Q. Sounded like you did a good job of keeping it together. The overrule at 4-4, breakpoint in the second set, how did you pull it together there?

ANGELA HAYNES: I was just screaming and everything out there. But I really wanted it. I wasn't going to let anything come between that - frustration, bad calls. I just wanted the match. So that kept me together.

Q. What's your relationship with Serena? Do you have any kind of relationship now or not?

ANGELA HAYNES: We talk. We talk. I only get to see her at tournaments really. She's in Florida. She does have a house in California, but I really don't get to see her. She's a sweet girl. I have a lot of respect for her. She's very nice. Also Venus. So, you know, whenever we have the chance to talk, we do.

Q. What did she say to you at the end of the match?

ANGELA HAYNES: She just congratulated me on how well I was playing. She gives me advice - well, not today of course. She just told me, "Good match. Better luck."

Q. Do you have to take clays classes at UC Irvine?


Q. You live in Irvine?

ANGELA HAYNES: Yes. My brother used to go to UC Irvine.

Q. This is your first Wimbledon. Have you been to London before? Is it a whole new experience for you? Have you been here before?

ANGELA HAYNES: No, I've never been here. This is amazing, just coming from where I'm staying, seeing like 10 miles of people waiting to get into the stadium. It's nothing like I've ever seen.

Q. Apart from tennis, Wimbledon is a very English tradition. Have you found it quite interesting and intriguing?

ANGELA HAYNES: It is. The fans today helped me out a lot. I got a lot of them on my side today, and that really, really helped me. It really did.

Q. Lot of them were rooting for you in the third set.

ANGELA HAYNES: They were. They were. I guess, I don't know, I heard they like the underdogs here. I guess that's what got them on.

Q. You grew up in Compton, is that correct?


Q. What were your impressions of the Williamses as they were growing into success and fame? What kind of incentive, if any, did they provide for you?

ANGELA HAYNES: I've always known them to be very hard workers, very competitive. They win at all cost. So that helped me a lot. You know, if you work hard and you're persistent at something, then eventually you get the outcome that you want. So just watching them play their matches, that was good for me to work on that fight, that will to always win no matter what. If it's a game of checkers or hopscotch or something like that, just want to win at whatever you do.

Q. I know your dad is your coach. He was encouraging you throughout the match. Could you tell us about what sort of coach he is, what kinds of things he has helped you with over the years, and also when you started working with him? I take it you were really young, but I'm not sure when.

ANGELA HAYNES: Yes, I was three years old. I have an older brother and an older sister. My dad also trained them. I used to go to the courts with them. I used to beg my dad, "Can I play?" I would pick up a racquet, swing balls. Eventually he went to Toys-R-Us, got me a racquet, took me out for like an hour or 30 minutes every day. But my dad's all about technique. He likes things to look right. Sometimes in tight matches, people start to get nervous and then they just look really sloppy. So my dad's into, no matter what, stay structured, keep your technique correct.

Q. You mentioned your brother earlier. You said Serena hated to lose. Did he beat her?

ANGELA HAYNES: Oh, yeah, yeah. Even if he lost, I wouldn't say that. He won. He always beat her - I think.

Q. How did she react?

ANGELA HAYNES: Oh, she hated that. You know, she wouldn't talk to him, wouldn't shake his hand. But the next day they were at it again.

Q. Can you tell us about his age, his name?

ANGELA HAYNES: His name is D-o-n-t-i-a. He gets mad when people spell it wrong. He's 23 years old. Right now he's at San Diego State for scholarship for tennis.

Q. When did they used to play? What ages were you all at that point?

ANGELA HAYNES: I was around four. He was six or seven.

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