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April 10, 2024

Austin Eckroat

Augusta, Georgia, USA

Quick Quotes

Q. Were you just playing with Rickie and --

AUSTIN ECKROAT: And Jordan Spieth, yeah.

Q. What was that experience like? Those are two guys that have a lot of experience on this course.


Q. And to navigate it with them, what was that like for you?

AUSTIN ECKROAT: Yeah, it was great. I played with Jordan yesterday as well. Both are very helpful, giving advice and stuff. They've played the golf course quite a few times.

It's a place where experience is a huge piece of the puzzle here, so it was good to play with some guys that played it a lot and learn something from them.

Q. When you told me -- when I talked to you it was like three minutes after you had won the Cognizant Classic, we did a little pow-wow and you were saying that you had kind of purposely avoided really coming here and soaking this in because you want to save it for when you had actually qualified. My question to you is: Was that worth it, and what has this week been like for you so far?

AUSTIN ECKROAT: Yeah, I came a little early after I won. Came a couple weeks ago and got to experience it without everybody around, really take it in.

It's incredible. I mean, I can't -- pictures don't do it justice and TV doesn't do it justice. It's really an unbelievable place.

Q. That's a really cool, calculated move. I love that aspect that you were like, no, no. Is that motivational?

AUSTIN ECKROAT: A little bit, yeah.

Q. Tell me about that.

AUSTIN ECKROAT: Yeah, I mean, I had the opportunity my senior year to come out and play -- not play, but come and watch the event. It's just something that I wanted to save for the moment. Playing in the Masters, I feel like I had a good chance of doing it one day.

I don't know if it was a whole lot of motivation behind it. More so like I wanted this first time when I came and played in the event to be really special.

Q. It's one thing is as patron walking through here. As reporter I feel like I'm in a painting every time I come out here. It's hard to describe to anybody.


Q. To be out there actually playing, this is the practice rounds so far, but what are some of the things that -- maybe the emotions and just the things that you're noticing out there?

AUSTIN ECKROAT: Yeah, I think it'll change a lot tomorrow as well when the tournament comes. Right now I'm so focused on looking around, looking at areas to be, that I'm not really taking in the natural beauty of this place. I think tomorrow I'll be able to look around and really soak in the moment between shots.

Like I said, trying to take as much advice to other guys and looking at all the areas you can miss around the greens. That was the biggest thing I was shocked when I came out here, how difficult the greens are. Certain areas you just can't be.

The natural beauty of this place, it's incredible.

Q. How do you think your game will be on this course?

AUSTIN ECKROAT: I think it suits my game statistically. Like if you look at the way I play, should be a good golf course for me. You never know. I'm typically a great driver the golf ball and I hit irons well. Definitely a ball-strikers golf course. Hard to putt out here. Everybody will struggle with that.

On paper it should fit my game well. I'm not going to say it's a perfect golf course for me, but definitely suits my game pretty well.

Q. In retrospect, what was bigger for you, do you think: Winning your first PGA TOUR event or qualifying for the Masters?

AUSTIN ECKROAT: I think qualifying for the Masters is definitely up there, but winning the first PGA TOUR event is definitely the thing I've always dreamt of doing on the PGA TOUR, being a winner on the PGA TOUR.

Obviously playing the Masters is one of those things as well. But you kind of feel like you've proved yourself once you won on the PGA TOUR.

Q. I've heard the veterans say out here who have played ten of these things, you know, what do you regret? Earlier on in my career, I didn't appreciate it, didn't soak it in, didn't soak in this unique experience.


Q. Are you confident you'll be able to kind of do that?

AUSTIN ECKROAT: Yeah. I think so.

Q. Are you able to concentrate on the task at hand but soak it in and enjoy it?

AUSTIN ECKROAT: Yeah, I think, like I said, starting tomorrow, whenever I'm not so focused on searching for the proper areas to miss, just playing golf, I think I'll be able to take in the moment a little bit more.

Coming out here your first time and even second time, you have to learn so much. It is such a difficult golf course that you kind of don't have the opportunity to take in the moment.

But I think starting tomorrow, like I said, all my prep work is done. I can just go out there and enjoy the round and really soak it in.

Q. Will Palm Beach County always be special for you?

AUSTIN ECKROAT: It will be, yeah. I'll be continuing to go there as long as they let me.

Q. Your wife and...

AUSTIN ECKROAT: Yeah, they're all here. The whole crew.

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