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April 10, 2024

Tommy Fleetwood

Augusta, Georgia, USA

Quick Quotes

Q. In general being here, small changes, how is the course?

TOMMY FLEETWOOD: It's beautiful, isn't it? I think the changes that they made, they're always pretty subtle.

Yeah, 6 definitely the green is noticeably different, and new pin placement there.

2, not sure how much difference it makes. Depends on the wind.

They're subtle changes, but the course, as always, it was very, very firm on Monday. We'll see what the weather does in terms of how it'll play, but it's been great so far.

Q. There are shots you only get to hit here.


Q. Things you only get to do here. What are the things you enjoy?

TOMMY FLEETWOOD: I think there is never -- you never walk off -- no matter how much practice you do, you never walk off and think, I've hit every shot. There is always something you wish you could have done more of.

Not necessarily wish, but there is always a shot you think about. It's just endless out here. I think everybody knows, whether they've been here ten times, 20 times, first time, everybody knows the place so well. Watched on TV or played it a bunch.

I think there is just a ton of holes that are so memorable that the shots in history that people have hit and stuff.

So I think it's just such an amazing place to come. Maybe when you're in the middle of it and playing you don't appreciate it as much. Really it's amazing being here.

Q. I Miss Ian. You probably miss Ian too. Can you tell us what is the situation?

TOMMY FLEETWOOD: Yeah, he's not been well all year. At the moment he's at home trying to recover and get the right treatment.

Hopefully he'll be back out sooner rather than later. Yeah, it's definitely different being without him. Like we've been together every tournament for the last eight years pretty much.

So, yeah, we just wish him all the best. The sooner he can get better, the better for all of us. Everybody has been asking about him, which has been great. I know he'll be desperate to come back out here as soon as possible.

Q. In the last eight years has there been any major you wasn't with you?

TOMMY FLEETWOOD: No. No, I think there was one tournament. The birth of his son was the week after the U.S. Open in 2018. My dad caddied that week. Other than that, he's done every tournament with me.

Q. Who is your caddie this week?

TOMMY FLEETWOOD: This week, my caddie is called Gray Moore, so he's an Augusta caddie. The first two or three years that I came here I always had Gray in practice and would always sit and speak to him. So I've known him well for the last few years and I just asked if he could do it this week.

Q. On the subject of Fino then, he's more than a caddie, isn't he?

TOMMY FLEETWOOD: He's a pretty big presence.

Q. Psychologist for you as well I suppose mid-round. Does it feel like a part of you is missing when Fino is not here?

TOMMY FLEETWOOD: Yeah, it's definitely very, very different. Last week was weird just going out there and doing I guess so many things that he would do around. There is definitely a comfort, huge comfort level when he's out on the course with me.

Yeah, it's just a bit weird really. But I'm far more bothered about him getting better and his health being right. He's definitely in the right place at the moment. Yeah, I look forward to when he does get back out.

Q. You're at the stage where you know everything about this course.

TOMMY FLEETWOOD: Well, you'd think so.

Q. I'm sure there is stuff you're still learning all the time, but is it true that -- people call this a second-shot golf course, and as somebody who's such a good iron ball-striker, does that give you some comfort round here?

TOMMY FLEETWOOD: Yeah, I think in general for the most part it's not the toughest test off the tee. Of course you can hit bad tee shots in get in trouble.

But in general, it's good for that. The tee shots set up nicely. You should really -- if you're playing half decent you should be putting the ball in play more often than not.

Yeah, it's definitely a second-shot golf course. I think you have to read the lies in the fairway very well. I think there is -- yeah, some are bigger than others but some are very subtle.

I think you have to know where you can go and where not to go.

And then the greens, the greens are always a huge part of Augusta.

So, yeah, I know it well, but there are people that take to the course very quickly and there are people that it takes longer. Some people that never seem to get going round here.

So it definitely always has a mixture. I always love coming here and playing here. I think it's a fantastic test.

Yeah, I always feel like it should suit my game. I think in general it's never allowed me to feel that comfortable out on the golf course in terms of the shots that I have in there.

But, no, I feel like I'm getting a pretty good grasp. I played consistently around here just without any fireworks really. I've never had an amazing finish.

Still time.

Q. Do you keep an eye on the forecast as the week goes on? If so, have you seen tomorrow's?

TOMMY FLEETWOOD: I don't actually normally look, but without Fino I've been looking at it and making sure I've got it.

I've heard tomorrow is pretty bad.

Q. Yeah.

TOMMY FLEETWOOD: I don't know whether it's all day or in the morning or afternoon.

No, I generally wake up and take the weather for what it is. And just go out and play with the conditions we get.

Yeah, I think the conditions seem -- especially tomorrow are going to play a part in how the golf course plays and what happens there, so we'll see.

Q. Finally, I'm not sure if you're aware of this but yesterday's cardigan has gone viral on Twitter. It's dividing opinions. You're on thoughts on it?

TOMMY FLEETWOOD: Probably did need an iron, but I just -- in the morning I wasn't thinking too much when I got up early in the morning.

I do like a cardigan. It's nice, isn't it? I'm no Arnold Palmer, but anybody can wear a cardigan. It's not just for one.

Q. No, I think it takes a special breed to pull off the cardigan.

TOMMY FLEETWOOD: If I can wear it anyone can wear it.

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