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April 10, 2024

Sam Burns

Augusta, Georgia, USA

Quick Quotes

Q. Has it been challenging to focus with everything you have going on off the course?

SAM BURNS: I think it's more challenging when I'm away from the golf course. I think once you get out here you're so focused on what you're doing to get ready to play this week. Off the golf course it's definitely been difficult. I miss Caroline, I wish she was here, but it's been fun, too. I know she wants me to be here, so hopefully no baby this week. Hopefully stays in there until after Sunday.

Q. What's the guy's trip been like, since you're staying with Scottie?

SAM BURNS: It's been fun. Travis cooked some steaks last night. Scottie was mad at us because we cooked steaks last night and he had something else. And I'm like, Yeah, we feel really bad for you, you have to go to another dinner. But it's been fun.

Q. Talk about the conditions you're going to face the next two days. I know there's a system that's going to dump some rain, but wind is in the forecast Thursday and Friday, upwards of 35 mile per hour gusts, what kind of attitude do you have to bring to the first tee with that much wind on this golf course?

SAM BURNS: Yeah, look, anywhere you play when you get that much wind it's difficult, but especially here. Just with the nature of this golf course and how the layout is, and you get in the pines and can't really feel the wind and where it's blowing, so it's definitely going to be difficult. I think you kind of know that going into it. You know at some point you're going to face some adversity around this golf course and so I think just going with the mindset of not allowing that to kind of disrupt everything else throughout the day. So, yeah, I think everybody's looking forward to the challenge and it's going to be a great week.

Q. Do you feel like last year was a big step for you here?

SAM BURNS: Yeah, I think I played a lot better than what I finished last year. So that was nice to see. But, yeah, I'm really looking forward to this week.

Q. Anything stand out getting a nursery ready? Did you have to paint or do any wainscoting?

SAM BURNS: Yeah, no. We don't know what the gender is, so it's a surprise. Which is nice, because we didn't have to do too much in the house. But, yeah, I think it's pretty much done, now we're just kind of a waiting game.

Q. Do you normally like surprises?

SAM BURNS: Yeah, yeah, it was kind of more of her idea in the beginning, I kind of wanted to know, and then everybody we talked to that's done it, it's like, there's not many surprises left in life, and I think that will be a pretty cool one.

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