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April 10, 2024

Patrick Reed

Augusta, Georgia, USA

Quick Quotes

Q. Talk about conditions. I know there's rain in the forecast, but wind, 30 to 35 mile per hour gusts the next two days. With that much wind how does that redefine patience here?

PATRICK REED: I mean, hey, this golf course, I think that's the key to this golf course is patience. It doesn't matter if it's windy or not. It's one of these golf courses that now with the wind coming in it's a potential a lot of rain tomorrow, it's going to be one of those it's just going to be a grinding day. You got to get through the day, be patient and tear it up on the opportunities you get. The great thing about this place is they're very smart. The golf course, the greens, I felt like were just a little slower today, and we're already seeing 'em getting brown yesterday, and they're even a little bit more brown today. So they're getting firm, and they're expecting the inch and a half or two inches of rain or whatever it is that's coming in tomorrow, so then the golf course is playing how it normally plays. So great thing about this place is if it's playing soft or it's playing firm, it's a golf course you have to be smart on and take opportunities.

Q. Considering these big pine trees all over the place, how big of a challenge is it to predict the wind and where your ball is going to end up?

PATRICK REED: I think that's the amazing thing about this place is you sit there, and even if you have a wind map and, say, it's blowing southeast all day, you get out there and -- like today, based off of where the wind was, when I was out there on No. 4, it was supposed to be down off left, and the pin is going in off right. And you sit there and the wind swirls. So you have to trust certain shots and it's an educated guess at certain times and hopefully you guess correctly or you leave yourself in a spot that you can get it up-and-down on.

Q. What stands out from last night's dinner? I understand it was pretty emotional with all the Seve stories and Jon obviously being the champion, what stood out to you?

PATRICK REED: I think the biggest thing that stood out is just getting all the guys back together and hearing all the Seve stories. Unfortunately, I didn't have the opportunity to spend any time with him, and all that, but I've always looked up to him, I always looked up to his short game. Just seeing the videos and stuff and hearing from the Spaniards in that room and how much he meant to them, and also then hearing from some of the Americans, other guys, what he meant, the older guys, what he meant to just not only golf, but to them and how just full of life he was, how much of a character he was. It's fun to hear things about people like that and just kind of because especially when you hear stories and to hear it from those guys and kind of it seemed to bring the room even closer together. A bunch of laughs and kind of diving into Jon's history and kind of seeing the kind of food he has always grown up on, what he loved, it was awesome. We had a great time. Those dinners, even though they're tournament week, you just wish they would last longer, you know, because, hanging out with the guys, just, time flies, next thing you know it's nine o'clock just like that and everyone's on their way home.

Q. Did you go back and get seconds on any food items?

PATRICK REED: No, no, they bring out just they bring out plates to you and you start eating. The thing is, especially like Jon's menu, because it was like a tasting menu, there was a lot of little items on there, I don't know if I could go back for seconds. The food was amazing, but the amount of food that we had was plenty and it was just, the biggest thing there is just getting the guys together and just being able to talk and hear the different stories, hear the different changes on the golf course, how it played back when the older guys did and how it does now. It's completely different.

Q. Lastly, when you played here in college did you hit the Eisenhower tree at all or have any run-ins with it, because it's been 10 years --

PATRICK REED: No, I didn't hit it. I've been under it. I was under it one year. It's always, it was wintertime when we were playing, it was cold. I was hitting hybrids, barely getting to the green at 11. None of the par-5s were reachable. So you're sitting there you're like, man, this golf course is impossible. It wasn't flying it over the tree ever, if anything you're landing and bouncing it to it. I was under it once and I was way right of it the other time I played. I only played it twice. I was way right. But, yeah, it's kind one of those holes that even without the tree there it's so narrow and just seems like the ball just starts bouncing around there that and even without the obstacle that golf course is and that hole is one of those you can't take lightly.

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