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April 9, 2024

Jose Maria Olazabal

Augusta, Georgia, USA

Quick Quotes

Q. They've lengthened No. 2 this year. Are there any holes left in your opinion that they could still lengthen?

JOSÉ MARIA OLAZÁBAL: They have plenty of space, no questions about that, if they want to. But I don't think the golf course needs it anymore. I think even for today's game with all those young kids hitting it very, very far, I still think this golf course is long enough.

I played with Bubba today on the back nine, and with his driving, he could reach -- what did he hit on 11? Well, I didn't play 11 with him, but he reached the green in two on 13, reached the green in two on 15. He was hitting like a 9-iron or a wedge on 14.

17, he must have hit, yeah, a similar club, like 9-iron, something like that. He hit a 3-wood off the tee on 18 to avoid the bunkers.

I think the golf course is long enough, but if they want to, I'm pretty sure that they can find the space to do so.

Q. Vijay Singh told me the other day he thinks they should lengthen No. 12. What's your opinion on that?

JOSÉ MARIA OLAZÁBAL: Well, I'll tell you what, no. Just leave it like it is. I think it's a fantastic hole, great hole. It's a short hole. But it's a devilish hole. It's very hard to hit the green. The green is at an angle. It's not very deep. It's only like 10 yards in the middle, about what, 14 on the left and 12 on the right.

You know, I don't think we need to do anything about that hole. I think it's a fantastic hole. When the wind blows, it's a nightmare of a hole, and I think that hole is fantastic.

Q. For a veteran like you, this is 10 years since they lost the Eisenhower tree. How do you think that hole played before and after the tree?

JOSÉ MARIA OLAZÁBAL: Well, they play differently. The hole was not as long as it is today. Eisenhower tree was in play, but the long hitters could cut that tree no problem.

But I think now it's more demanding off the tee. It's more narrow. They planted a lot of trees right and left. If you hit it long, that is a narrow fairway to hit, to be honest. Once you get up on to the top of the hill, I think it's going to be like, what, 18 yards, something like that, wide. 18, 20 yards wide, and you have trees left and right. It's playing differently.

As I said, they're still playing short irons on to that green, but it is more demanding off the tee than it was before.

Q. You and Fred are the oldest players since Bernhard is not here. You're still in good health. How much longer do you plan on playing?

JOSÉ MARIA OLAZÁBAL: I don't know. The game will dictate. If I can still put a couple of decent scores on the card and I am not a problem for my playing partners, I'll keep on coming a few more years, I think.

Q. Have you given Jon any advice about tonight?

JOSÉ MARIA OLAZÁBAL: No, he asked me about how serious tonight's dinner was, and I said, no, it's a very relaxed dinner. I think he can handle the situation pretty well.

Q. Have you picked out what you're going to get off the menu?

JOSÉ MARIA OLAZÁBAL: Yeah, I'm going to go for the fish.

Q. Are you going to say anything tonight?

JOSÉ MARIA OLAZÁBAL: Well, it's up to the president. If somebody wants to talk they can raise their hand after everything is done. We'll see.

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