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April 9, 2024

Stephan Jager

Augusta, Georgia, USA

Quick Quotes

Q. Talk a little bit about the process of getting here and the expectations and how well you've been playing to get here.

STEPHAN J√ĄGER: Yeah, it's nice obviously to get moving that part of the career where you can get in the majors and compete. Obviously that's the next step, getting in and being able to compete and hopefully obviously have a chance to win on Sundays.

Q. First impressions of this place.

STEPHAN J√ĄGER: So I came last week, first time playing it, and obviously I've been here a few times before. I can see the trickiness behind it.

There's some spots where you've got to be careful on the right sides and make sure that you have the right angles. A lot of angles here, a lot of runoffs that may be good but some are bad.

It's awesome. You kind of watch this place over the years and as a golf fan, you always watch. To be able to play in it, it's pretty special.

Q. We've been talking with some players, there's some shots that you have to hit here that you normally don't hit. Can you talk about those shots and what are your favorite shots?

STEPHAN J√ĄGER: Yeah, some of the lies, some of the wedge shots, like 15 the wedge shot on the third shot, we don't really hit a lot of those. It just comes out a little lower on a lower trajectory, and you've got to be careful with that first bounce because that green is pretty firm. Some of those. Some of the uphill lies, on 18, for instance, that's a pretty strong uphill lie.

You kind of take what it gives you sometimes. Sometimes having 30 feet is better than off the green, and sometimes off the green is a little better than 50 feet.

It really depends on the pin position. I've got a great caddie. He's been here a bunch of times. I'm going to rely on him pretty heavily.

I got a pretty good look last week and today. So I should be okay.

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