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April 9, 2024

Adrian Meronk

Augusta, Georgia, USA

Quick Quotes


Q. How is it to be back at Augusta?

ADRIAN MERONK: Yeah, it's great. It's great. It's a little bit different experience than last year. Obviously last year was my first time, so it was a little bit overwhelming.

This year I knew what I could expect, so I like this feeling. It doesn't overwhelm me anymore. I can use the time more wisely to get prepared for the week, and I think so far we've been doing a good job.

Q. How has the preparation been for the tournament?

ADRIAN MERONK: It's been quite intense, to be honest. I played nine holes yesterday, just finished 18 today, and I'm going to spend a little bit, practice later this afternoon, and tomorrow I want to take it easy just to save as much energy as possible and then go fresh on Thursday.

Q. Anything special you're focusing on in the days leading up?

ADRIAN MERONK: I think from now, most of the time I'll just spend a lot of work on short game, putting, different kind of shots around the green, seeing my trajectory, landing spots. That will be a key for the next two days.

Q. This is your second year. Do your expectations change? Do you expect more of yourself this time around?

ADRIAN MERONK: Definitely I would like to improve my score from last year. That's for sure.

Q. What's your biggest takeaway from last year?

ADRIAN MERONK: Just stay patient, don't get too greedy, because this course, if you get too greedy, it just penalizes you. That's what happened to me last year. I got off to a good start and then I was in good position a couple of par-5s but then was probably too greedy with my strategy, and it cost me quite a bit.

I think I'll be more patient, more focused on particular approaches, especially on par-5s, don't get too greedy, and yeah, I think the patience and acceptance are the two keys this week.

Q. This is your first major as a LIV player. Is anything different?

ADRIAN MERONK: Just my uniform, I guess. But no, nothing has changed. It's nice to see other guys, you know, finally playing with them again this week. This week I met a lot of old friends from other tours, which is nice. It's always nice to see them. No, nothing else changes, to be honest.

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