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April 7, 2024

Kyle Larson

Ridgeway, Virginia

Pit Lane Interview

Q. Kyle Larson comes home in the runner-up position. You always want to win a race. With the circumstances today, this is pretty special?

KYLE LARSON: Yeah, no doubt. Really special, too, to get a 1-2-3 there with William, Chase and I. Yeah, just a great day for Hendrick Motorsports. It's been a great 40 seasons for them. Really cool to have 1,500 people here from Hendrick Motorsports to celebrate.

Congrats to William. He did a really good job. Kind of schooled us all there after that green flag stop. Did a really good job passing all of us. He was able to set a good pace, still get through traffic good.

My car felt really good. I think we were all kind of the same speed, honestly. Just lost a little bit of track position there in the second stage. Was never able to overcome it.

Solid day. Congrats to Rick Hendrick, Linda, all of Hendrick Motorsports. Everybody here at the racetrack, as well as back at home. Awesome day.

Q. Racing teammates at the end, how nerve-wracking is that?

KYLE LARSON: It was sketchy. I wasn't sure how aggressive they were going to be. I knew William obviously was going to be very aggressive 'cause he was going to win until that caution came out. He went in there and doored 'em up a little bit.

Yeah, just thankfully it all kind of shook out and we were able to get one spot there and get a number three for HMS.

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