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April 7, 2024

Matt Wolff

Miami, Florida, USA

Trump National Doral

RangeGoats GC

Quick Quotes

Q. Obviously you put yourself in contention again. How would you sum up the week and especially today?

MATT WOLFF: Yeah, I mean, it was a great week overall. I'm extremely happy with the week. I played really well all week, really solid. My ball-striking was great. Probably could have made a few more putts and especially today. It seemed like there was a few key ones that just kind of hung on the edge or didn't want to go in.

The one thing I like to say is I pride myself is when I do get in this situation I don't shy away from it. I usually get beat, it's not like I give it to other people. I've just got to keep on building.

There was a couple 3-woods like the one on 3 and the one on 14 that went like a foot through the fairway and when you're not in the fairway you can get a funky lie, and made bogey on both of those holes with pitching wedges after what I thought were great drives.

Maybe just a couple things didn't go my way, but I was really happy with my attitude, how I fought, how I battled. I'm really looking forward to continuing the year on this note.

Q. Every time I looked up you were burning the edge on putts, too.

MATT WOLFF: I know, tell me about it.

Q. You obviously were hitting good putts, you just weren't getting any kind of breaks today?

MATT WOLFF: Yeah, I think that's just how it goes. I've worked really hard on every aspect of my game, and putting is one of them. I went to the no-line recently, and I feel like I've been going based off of feel. I don't think the matter of a few centimeters is the difference between a line and no line.

It's just at the end of the day I'm doing all I can. I'm giving it my all. I think soon enough these putts are going to drop and I'm going to be hoisting a trophy. For now I'm just happy with how my game is progressing, and just going to look back and say this was definitely a successful tournament.

Q. Were you cognizant at all of the team battle because at one point it looked like Legion was going to run away with it, and you actually only ended up like two shots off first place. Are you aware of what's going on with the team?

MATT WOLFF: Absolutely, yeah. I saw us up there the entire time, and I know for a while Stingers were ahead of us. I actually told myself on 14 after I missed that bogey putt, I looked up and saw that the -- the par putt, excuse me, and I looked up and I was like, stop worrying about yourself, worry about the team and try to make those birdies and hit those shots and do what you can to help the team. Ultimately that's going to help you.

I know some people might do it the opposite way of saying focus on yourself and it's going to help the team, but I like the guys on my team so it's extra motivation for me. I'm glad we fought hard and finished strong and stuff, and second place is nothing to shy away from, but we're definitely looking to lift that trophy soon.

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