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April 6, 2024

Casey Weidenfeld

Augusta, Georgia, USA

Quick Quotes

Q. Walk us through your round today and especially your three consecutive birdies, 13, 14 and 15. What was that like?

CASEY WEIDENFELD: Yeah, so as my first time here, I was a little nervous the first few holes, got a little jittery with the driver. So that was fun.

But coming down the stretch, I was just like, you know what, I kind of like relaxed and got it together a little bit. Hit like a great shot on honestly all three of them, especially on -- what hole was it? 14, I think. I thought I had a 2 to be honest with you, the way they reacted. I was like, I definitely just got an eagle. But it was really good.

Q. You thought you one-hopped the pin?

CASEY WEIDENFELD: Apparently it was two hops and then it hit the pin.

Q. It looked like the crowd faked you out.

CASEY WEIDENFELD: Exactly. I was like, is that in? And I thought it was. It's okay. It was a great shot nonetheless.

Q. You mentioned this is your first time playing a competitive round at Augusta National. Talk about the experience of the week as a whole and shooting under par.

CASEY WEIDENFELD: Going in I was like let's see if I can make the cut and have a few good rounds, and then today was more about having fun, and seeing all the crowds today was really cool. I didn't realize there was that many people to came to this event, so that was awesome to see.

Q. Not being from a golf family, talk about what it meant for your mom to see you in that spot and having your coach here.

CASEY WEIDENFELD: Yeah, it was awesome just having everyone and hearing them cheer. I knew they were there the whole time. It was a great experience.

Q. It looked kind of like that moment you relaxed, getting out of the sand. Did it free you up knowing you were in this iconic spot --

CASEY WEIDENFELD: Yeah, I think I relaxed a little earlier than that, but when I made that par, I was like, okay, now we're going. We just survived this par-3. Honestly I thought the shot was fine and it went over the green and I was like, okay, I guess we're going to hit out of this iconic bunker now.

Q. Going through 13, 14 and 15, what are you feeling?

CASEY WEIDENFELD: I don't know, I'm so focused, and when we were walking up 18, I'm like, wait, we're on 18? It's ending already? Yeah, kind of surreal.

Q. Tell us about the logo on your shoulder.

CASEY WEIDENFELD: This is a logo from my friend's company, Accel Golf. It's a stats program and it's super cool, so check it out.

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