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April 6, 2024

Rachel Kuehn

Augusta, Georgia, USA

Quick Quotes

Q. Talk about finishing that way, with par.

RACHEL KUEHN: Yeah, I just looked at my caddie and I knew this was going to be the last time I got to play this event. I told him we're owed one because we lipped one out on 9. So let's roll one in and finish on a high note. He gave me a great line and told me to trust it, and he's always right.

Q. Did you start thinking about it on 18, like this is it?

RACHEL KUEHN: Yeah, I mean, definitely a little bit. I think it hit me kind of after that last putt went in. I looked at Hailee, and this is Hailee's last amateur event, so to get to be alongside her and watch her journey since junior golf has been really fun. Then I looked at Sean and then I got emotional. It's been a ride, and I've been so appreciative of this event, and I think it did finally hit me, yeah.

Q. What's the best thing about this event?

RACHEL KUEHN: Everything. No, I think the platform that it's giving women's golf and the pedestal that it's putting amateur golf, as well, you see so many little girls out here looking to what could be their future selves out on there golf course, I think that's the whole point of this event, and I think it's definitely done that.

Q. How has it changed the mindset of players as they come up and develop, juniors who are about to go into college? What's the mindset in terms of knowing this event that's on the landscape?

RACHEL KUEHN: Yeah, I think everyone's goal is to get an invitation into this event. It's so coveted, and when you see that green piece of mail come, it's so exciting. I definitely think that it was something that I was shooting for. I know when they first announced it, I was nowhere near getting into the event, so it was a goal, and it motivated me and made me work harder and made me want to be better, and I think that's only going to continue to be true for future generations.

Q. How much of an impact has this event had on women's amateur golf?

RACHEL KUEHN: It's had such an effect. Obviously people are watching it now. People are watching because they want to see the golf course, they want to see women's golf. I want to give some of the credit to Rose Zhang. I think what Rose did in amateur golf and collegiate golf, and the way she kind of dominated, now she's doing that on the LPGA, I think people kind of got hooked with her, and then obviously any chance you get to see this golf course, I think people are just so inspired.

I think people are really starting to get into it. I think that's going to continue, partly because of Rose and definitely because of this event.

Q. The round to get here Saturday, how big was the carryover?

RACHEL KUEHN: It was definitely a grind. The conditions were really tough. I definitely did not have my "A" game over at Champions Retreat. I'm really proud of the way I battled. I hung in there and shot I think 1-under on my last nine holes to make the cut on the number. Holed some really nice putts coming in. It wasn't easy out there, and I think if you ask any of the girls, they'll tell you that. The wind howling, it was brutal.

I'm proud of how I battled, and I think there's a lot of girls that feel that way, but any chance you get to get a tee time on the weekend at Augusta is really special.

Q. You mentioned when it was first announced obviously looking forward to trying to qualify. What was your initial impression when you heard?

RACHEL KUEHN: My initial impression was what do I have to do to make that event. I was so excited, and again, I was nowhere near getting into that inaugural event. I remember watching Jen Kupcho because I was committed to Wake Forest at the time, so watching her work her way around this golf course and obviously the battle between her and Maria Fassi was incredible, and what a way to end the first inaugural event.

I remember thinking, okay, I am going to work my tail off to get an invitation and hopefully earn my way there. I've been really fortunate that now this is four of them, and it's so special every time. It doesn't get old. It doesn't get tiring. It gets even more exciting every time I come back.

Q. It's changed the mindset you think of people?

RACHEL KUEHN: I definitely think so.

Q. How they approach women's amateur golf?

RACHEL KUEHN: I think so. I think people are now talking about women's amateur golf like you hear them talk about men's professional golf. You hear them talking about the girls going around Amen Corner, and I think because we're getting to play the same golf course that the guys do, I think it kind of puts it all in the same conversation.

Q. What do you tell Macy because I know she's wants to get here. Do you give her any advice about trying to get here?

RACHEL KUEHN: I have no doubt that Macy will be in this field. She is way too good a player and she's an incredible personality, so much fun to follow. She's fiery and she's one of the hardest workers I know. I'm just going to tell her to keep doing what she's doing because she's on the right track for sure.

Q. Women's amateur golf versus women's sports in general, do you see just the whole uptick across all sports?

RACHEL KUEHN: I think so. I was asked this yesterday. I don't 100 percent know if I have an answer for why. I can speak to golf because that's what I know so well. I really do credit it to Rose. I think her personality is so lovable, and the way that she plays is so grateful, I think people came to watch Rose in college golf, and then they stayed now for the LPGA. You go see what Caitlin Clark is doing for women's college basketball, and I think people are going to continue to follow her in the WNBA. I think sometimes you just get some personalities in amateur athletics that people fall in love with and continue to follow when they turn professional.

Q. What's your plan after this?

RACHEL KUEHN: This is my grad year at Wake Forest, so unfortunately I can't stay another, although I would if I could. I'm going to stay amateur through the summer, and, my plan as of right now is to turn professional later in the fall at some point during Q-school. It's been a fun ride. I've been really thankful for everyone that's gotten me here, and I've loved amateur golf, and I'm excited for professional golf.

Q. So Curtis Cup is in your --

RACHEL KUEHN: I hope so if I get a pick. I'm hoping to play Curtis Cup, yes.

Q. What about the battle between (indiscernible)?

RACHEL KUEHN: Definitely. I'm excited that she'll be playing. I'm hoping she might sign up for some practice rounds with me if I'm really nice to her. I think we're going to make a family trip of it. Excited she's in the field, and really excited to go to Southern Hills.

Q. Alex was on your bag for the first two days but not today. Did he have to go?

RACHEL KUEHN: No, he's here. He was a little upset that he didn't get to caddie around here. But no, he was a great caddie, got me around and really kept me calm. We had lots of fun. We had lots of really good memories, and it was really fun having him out here watching. I know he would have liked to have caddied, but I love Sean too much, and he's an incredible caddie, so I told Alex sorry, but you get the boot.

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