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April 6, 2024

Emilia Migliaccio

Augusta, Georgia, USA

Quick Quotes

Q. Is this your final one?

EMILIA MIGLIACCIO: If I get invited again, I'll be back.

Q. That's how you got to this one?

EMILIA MIGLIACCIO: Yeah, yeah, it was based off of World Ranking. No, this is such a beautiful event. It's so fun to see all the people here. Actually played well except for my two par-3s.

Q. How has this event elevated women's amateur golf?

EMILIA MIGLIACCIO: So much. All these people here, there are thousands and thousands, and I think they are able to see how good the women's game is and all the juniors that are out here, too, they have something to dream for. If you want to get more girls in golf, you have to show them the best women and you have to show them on TV and put them on courses like Augusta National and then they want to play golf and dream of making a putt to win on 18.

It really does so much for the game.

Q. I asked Rachel what the best thing is about this tournament. Is there one particular thing? She said everything. What is it to you?

EMILIA MIGLIACCIO: I think the people are really special here. They treat us so well. They treat us with so much respect. They really want to honor us at this tournament, honor the best players in the world, the best amateurs in the world, and we really feel that all week, from how well they take care of us, having a security guard going from the bathroom back to the 10th tee. Every little thing, they really make sure that it's done perfectly for us.

Q. You've been in this five years; how has it developed in five years? What have you seen as it's grown?

EMILIA MIGLIACCIO: I think the play is just continuing to get better. But starting from 2019 until now, the scores are still really good and people are still rising to the top. I just think Augusta National and Chairman Ridley, they just do everything they can to make the tournament better and better. But you can't really make Augusta National better than perfect. I would call it perfect.

Q. I don't want to say you're old but you're a veteran --

EMILIA MIGLIACCIO: I'm technically the oldest player in the field even though I definitely don't feel that way.

Q. Just the quality of golf, have you seen it grow even in five years?

EMILIA MIGLIACCIO: Yeah, definitely. I think it's deeper. I think also Rose Zhang said a precedent of if you're the best junior in the world, think about going to college for a couple years and make your mark out here in the amateur game. It just will help with the transition so much because from junior to amateur golf, that depth just gets a lot bigger. From amateur golf to LPGA it gets bigger, as well. If you're jumping from junior to LPGA, it's just a pretty big jump. To get to play in front of crowds like this, there's no really better training for the LPGA.

Q. Your mom on the bag; how nice is that? This is the second or third time?

EMILIA MIGLIACCIO: Second time, and yeah, it was incredible. We enjoyed the entire walk. Twosomes almost goes too fast, and we were put on the clock, so I'm like running and I'm like, wait, let me soak it in. But it was so wonderful.

She's always been a great mentor of mine and one of my close he's friends, and I just feel really lucky that she knows golf and knows the game so she can be on my bag.

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