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April 6, 2024

Marie Jose Marin

Augusta, Georgia, USA

Quick Quotes

Q. Not the result you wanted, but it looked like you hit the ball pretty well today all in all.

MARIA JOSE MARIN: Yeah, I don't know what happened on the first nine holes. I was kind of off with my -- well, like every part of my game. My putter isn't working. My shots were not as good.

Starting the second round, it was getting a little better. I had a few mistakes, like two, but I finished strong with like really good pars and giving myself chances for birdie.

As you said, it's not the result I wanted, but it's always a blessing to play here, and I'm really grateful.

Q. Your coach, did you say, had a modification to your swing about three months ago, is that right?


Q. Can you kind of explain that a little bit?

MARIA JOSE MARIN: As in golf, you're improving your game like every day. So like that changing my swing to make my swing better and hit the ball better.

Obviously today, as I said, it wasn't the best. There must be something wrong with my swing. But just keep improving and keep working hard to get to my goals and to be here next year.

Q. Good up-and-downs at 7 and 14.


Q. The chip on 14 must have broken 20 feet.

MARIA JOSE MARIN: Yeah, those two were pretty good chips. I think I had like good breaks there, and that's when the putt needed to go in, and they went in.

Q. There's a good chance you could be back here if you keep your drive. Is that a good goal for you?

MARIA JOSE MARIN: Yes, like I said, it's a blessing. I would be so proud of myself for getting in the field for the third time in a row.

I'm going to keep working hard, just keep working hard to get here every day and to stay in the top 20 in the World Amateur Rankings.

Q. Now you got the SEC Championship, right?

MARIA JOSE MARIN: Yes, SEC is coming next week. It's a big week for the university and for every university. Obviously I'm going to try and play my best golf and help the Razorbacks to get to the finals.

Q. What was the best thing about today?

MARIA JOSE MARIN: I would say I was kind of impressed with the chips that, as you said, the chips that I made. I made some really tough ones. I got it close. If I did not make the putts in one, I make the putts in two. So I think that was the best.

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