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April 5, 2024

Rose Zhang

Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Shadow Creek

Quick Quotes

Q. All right, here with Rose after her third round at the T-Mobile Match Play presented by MGM Rewards. Another day of tough conditions. What went into the round and how were will you able to combat it and make your way to the top eight?

ROSE ZHANG: Yeah, I expected it to be very difficult just like yesterday afternoon. I started off pretty slow with two bogeys, but I just felt like there was always this voice in any head saying just be patient.

You know, do what you need to do to commit to every single shot and that's exactly what I did. I tried not to get too ahead of myself. Even when I was slipping up here and there I was still trying to keep myself in the momentum that I'm in and just grind it out.

Q. What was the mindset heading into the day? And if you did scoreboard watch a little bit, did that change your thought process in some of how you played just based on where people were moving at?

ROSE ZHANG: Yeah, something that I've been realizing now I'm on tour is I see a lot more leaderboards, and it's not something that I like to do, especially leaderboard watching.

Even when I was an amateur and I saw leaderboards, didn't even spare a glance to them. That was kind of -- I was able to get back into that a little bit more this week just because I felt like there was so many other things that was affecting the results of what I'm doing out there.

Leaderboard watching was definitely not something that was on my mind, so I think that really helps me a little bit just to keep myself in the game a little bit more.

Q. Two tough rounds in tough conditions the last two days, but 3-under overall on a very tough course. What does that say about your game or does that give you confidence as we head into the first major coming up?

ROSE ZHANG: Yeah, definitely. I know this is great preparation for a couple difficult courses, difficult tracks ahead. I know that the major championships, they're all going to make it really difficult for the players out there.

You have to earn it. In the same sense you have to earn it out here. So I'm really glad that I was able to just stick it in through thick and thin through today, yesterday afternoon.

I think it shows that I'm on the right track on trying to do the best I can to shoot the best score out there.

Q. Just two more from me: What's going to be the mindset heading into tomorrow and hopefully the rest of the weekend knowing we're going from stroke play to match play?

ROSE ZHANG: Definitely. I love match play. I think it's something so unique and you don't really get to play it a lot in golf in general. You get to play on like Solheim Cups, junior teams, amateur events, but you don't really get to see that a lot out here.

I'm really excited to go back into that. It'll remind me of college days just grinding it out against an opponent. No matter what, it's always really fun and I always enjoy being part of it.

So really feel accomplished that I'm able to make it.

Q. Do you think you'll attack the golf course a little bit differently or change the way you look at certain shots?

ROSE ZHANG: There definitely will be. Depending on the circumstances you're in against the opponents you're going to have to change your game plan accordingly.

At the same time, this golf course, you need to have a very solid game plan.

So with that in mind, I'm mainly just going to have a good strategy coming in and should I need to adjust accordingly, then I will.

I think it's good to have a pretty head forward mindset going in it.

Q. Last question: I asked Nelly this. You also have an Origami little swan that a fan made.

ROSE ZHANG: Thank you.

Q. What's been the fan support even since you won last year at Mizuho? Talk about the fans and how they've helped you along in certain times? And especially here in Vegas, are they making you feel like a resident?

ROSE ZHANG: Yeah, I mean, it's crazy. I've felt so much love and support since I've been on tour. I couldn't help but just be really thankful to everyone that really just wants to see the best of me.

It kind of gets me motivated to be able to grind and go to practice and even just be a better person.

So I mean, this week, yeah, it's my first week I guess officially be being in my new home. I pretty much love it here. It's nice. The people are great.

I'm glad I'm not on the strip, but I think everything is going to be just fine here.

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