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April 2, 2024

Megan Schofill

Augusta, Georgia, USA

Quick Quotes

Q. How have the tournaments been different each year for you?

MEGAN SCHOFILL: I think each year you learn a lot about the golf course. The first year I felt like the golf course, it was really cold. It was wet and long. I felt like some of those approach shots were really, really long clubs in. I feel like the last year and from the practice round today, it felt like a lot of the greens were pretty receptive, not as long of irons in. But obviously we have some weather possibly coming in tomorrow, so that could completely change everything.

Q. Rain overnight, then warm again tomorrow, then Thursday might be cold. How much does that affect the course?

MEGAN SCHOFILL: Definitely affects in the morning tee times, the first five, six holes. I feel like there's such a big difference compared to your last five, six holes. It's going to be relatively warm at the end of the day.

Yeah, the first five, six holes it definitely will be cold, greens will probably be a little bit more firm, and obviously have a little bit longer in.

Q. Two golf courses to prepare for, that's a big challenge. Is it hard to keep the focus here?

MEGAN SCHOFILL: I think it's easy to keep the focus here. This golf course is obviously not Augusta National, but it's pretty close. It's in great condition, great shape. It's a super fun golf course to play. Just really focusing on this golf course and just knowing that you have two rounds here is really important.

Q. Dinner tonight and all the things that go with this, have you given any advice to first-year players? What advice would you have?

MEGAN SCHOFILL: I think just to enjoy it and really make great use of your time. Don't spend too much time practicing and trying to be out here all day and feel rushed. I think it's really important to rest. It's a long week, and it's a big week.

Q. I see C.J. is on your bag here as he was at the U.S. Amateur. Talk about the chemistry you two have.

MEGAN SCHOFILL: Yeah, I think we work really well together, obviously. He knows a lot about my game and my swing, which I really enjoy having that, and he's super calm, and he never shows much emotion. He's really even keel, which is kind of what I need and how I do well, so I think just having him there and being able to talk to someone is really important.

Q. Will you stick with him all week, at Augusta National?

MEGAN SCHOFILL: Yes, that's the plan.

Q. The Women's Amateur victory, how much do you think that helps you this week?

MEGAN SCHOFILL: I think it helps from a confidence standpoint, but it was like seven, eight months ago. It was kind of a long time ago. I definitely have a lot more confidence in myself, and I know I can play well on a big stage. But I think each golf tournament is just so different. You have to really treat each one individually.

Q. What was the confidence level coming into this event last year?

MEGAN SCHOFILL: Honestly, I just really wanted to play well at Champions Retreat. I knew I had good golf in me and I was playing well and felt like I was trending in the right direction. I had a caddie, already knew him for a whole year, so I kind of had that comfort level under control a little bit better.

Q. Is it true you have a street named after you?

MEGAN SCHOFILL: It's not really named after me. It's just whatever -- I don't want to say in remembrance, but it's like Meghan Schofill Boston Highway, like the honorary highway.

Q. Is that back home?


Q. Is it a two-lane road?

MEGAN SCHOFILL: It's a two-lane road. It's the road that I get into before I turn on the road to my neighborhood, and it's right by the nine-hole course I grew up on, so it's very fitting.

Q. You're the only player in the field with a highway named after her.

MEGAN SCHOFILL: I don't know that for a fact, but maybe, yes.

Q. What's the nine-hole course you grew up on?

MEGAN SCHOFILL: Jefferson County Country Club. We have a driving range and we only have nine holes. We have a few different tee boxes on some of the holes, but it's super fun, and it was a perfect place for me to grow up on.

Q. Can you describe Monticello just a little bit?

MEGAN SCHOFILL: So we're the only county in the state of Florida without a red light, so it's really small. I graduated with 20 kids in my senior class. It's like your typical Hallmark town I feel like. Everyone knows everyone. A lot of people don't lock their doors. We leave our keys in our car at home. It's just a very safe, small community.

Q. How excited are you to play the par-3 course?

MEGAN SCHOFILL: I am looking forward to that. I think that'll be really fun. It's just great for everyone to keep seeing different parts of Augusta National. The property is so big, so I know everyone is looking forward to doing that.

Q. Where is your game at right now?

MEGAN SCHOFILL: I feel like it changes day-to-day, but I feel good. I'm working on a few things in my swing. I felt like I was able to do that pretty well today. Hopefully it'll continue into the next few days.

Q. Of those three things, what's the one thought you had out there?

MEGAN SCHOFILL: Staying short in my backswing. I really have a tendency to kind of get long and get a little bit sloppy at the top. For me if I can get short, I really will hit it a lot better.

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