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April 2, 2024

Rachel Kuehn

Augusta, Georgia, USA

Quick Quotes

Q. As a veteran player in this tournament, your fourth, how different have all the tournaments been to you?

RACHEL KUEHN: Yeah, you know, I think this tournament is just so special that each time you come it's just a really unique experience. My parents really instilled in me that every opportunity is just an opportunity to kind of enjoy the experience and soak it in.

I know it's my fourth time, but I think still the goal is to come out and really enjoy it, to not take it for granted, because there are so many players that would kill to be in my position.

I'm just really excited to tee it up this week.

Q. Talk about soaking it all in, have you given any advice to a first-year player in this tournament? If you haven't, what would you say?

RACHEL KUEHN: Yeah, you know, I actually got to play with a really good friend of mine who's had a whole mess of a situation. She got invited and got COVID, so we were just talking about -- and I think I just told her that same thing: enjoy it, soak it in.

I think my advice would be to just not take it for granted because there are so many people, so many little girls that would kill to be here. For you to be here and for you to be able to be a role model for girls on this biggest stage is really cool?

Q. Who is the friend?

RACHEL KUEHN: Hailee Cooper. She's really cool. If you haven't talked to her yet.

Q. As far as on the course, last year was a little cold; supposed to be nice tomorrow. Some rain overnight. How much does that affect this course?

RACHEL KUEHN: Yeah, I mean, I think this course plays different every year that I've come back. Like you said, it's been a little bit at the mercy of the weather forecast. We're supposed to get some rain, so definitely play a little longer. Getting up and down around the green will be tougher.

But I know we're supposed to get some wind, so hopefully that will dry it out. The greens are incredible though. I've never seen greens roll so perfectly.

Hopefully even if you're trying to get up and down the putts will go in because the greens are that good.

Q. Got to get for two courses, which is a massive challenge as it is.


Q. Is it hard, or how hard is it to keep the focus here knowing what's ahead Friday and hopefully Saturday?

RACHEL KUEHN: Yeah, I mean, I think everyone is kind of in the mindset of tackling this golf course first. I think it's helpful that we play one practice round and then two rounds here rather than trying to play two different practice rounds on two different courses and bouncing back and forth.

The mindset is definitely here, and I think the way the format is kind of helps that. And then hopefully get the opportunity to go attack Augusta National on Saturday.

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