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March 30, 2024

Frida Kinhult

Gilbert, Arizona, USA

Seville Golf and Country Club

Quick Quotes

Q. Here with Frida after her third round at the Ford Championship. A solid day today. You had a double bogey early on, but you really bounced back. Can you just talk about your round?

FRIDA KINHULT: Yeah, no, it was a little bit mixed on the scorecard, but we kept grinding to make some birdies out there, which we did.

And even an eagle dropped, so it was fun.

But it was so windy out there so really just tried to take it one shot at a time, tried to make the next hole happen. Yeah, step by step in the right direction.

So it was a grind for sure because the wind, it picked up this afternoon for sure.

Q. Can you talk about No. 16 for you and how you kind of played it?

FRIDA KINHULT: I'm an aggressive golfer, so I was like I tried to hit it maybe a little bit more left but, kind of aimed at the pin and I was like, hey, the wind will take it left of the green and it fine. We'll chip into the wind.

Stayed pretty straight on the pin, and then I made like just inside 20 feet. So it was a nice little two.

Q. You mentioned you're an aggressive golfer. Do you feel like you've always played that way throughout your career?

FRIDA KINHULT: Yeah. I think if you want to have a chance out here you have to play aggressive. Some weeks you might shoot 80 if you're not on it, but the times you're striking it well I think you're going to gain more from it.

And I think out here, especially in the wind, you gain more off birdies than you lose on a bogey, so just trying to make as many as possible.

Q. And how do you stay aggressive with some of this wind, and also staying patient, too? You eagle came late in the round when I am guess the wind had really picked up, but staying patient out there has to be tough.

FRIDA KINHULT: Yeah, it sounds like a schoolbook, but it's really just one shot at a time. I think we tried ti use the wind a little bit today. Like if it's into it you can use it, just like try to throw darts at the pin.

If it's downwind you just got to calculate the bounce. I worked pretty well with my caddie today on like figuring out like where to hit it and where to carry it. I think we did a good job.

Q. Near the top the leaderboard. Any game plan or thoughts headed into tomorrow?

FRIDA KINHULT: Probably just stay aggressive. Again, if I want to give myself a chance at it I am going to have to make birdies tomorrow. Probably a lot of them.

So just going to go out there and stick to the game plan. Yeah, leave it to whatever happens.

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