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March 30, 2024

Maja Stark

Gilbert, Arizona, USA

Seville Golf and Country Club

Quick Quotes

Q. Here with Maja Stark after the third round of the Ford Championship. Maja, a 6-under today. Can talk about how your game felt?

MAJA STARK: Felt pretty good. I was struggling a little bit off the tee during the first kind of 13 holes, but figured it out.

It's is wide here anyway it doesn't really matter.

And then my chipping, I don't think it's ever been as good as this. Even when it was that windy and I missed the green it was usually an up and down, so that just made it so much easier and took a lot pressure off the long putts.

Q. And you had an eagle on the scorecard. Talk through that hole.

MAJA STARK: Yeah, so I hit a really bad drive. It was my fifth hole I think -- yeah, something like that.

And then I had a 5-iron in and it was a perfect length and I just said, it's a normal 5-iron, we're going straight at it, right, and caddie said yes.

Hit it up to about three inches and then tap-in eagle, so that was pretty nice.

Q. Definitely helps momentum. Talk about the wind that's happening out here. Probably came a little bit stronger on the back nine. How did you adjust when it started to pick up?

MAJA STARK: It was so hard because the wind started switching as well. I just try to not get ahead of myself and be like, oh, this is a birdie hole. I should hit 3-wood, when it's just a very risky club.

So, yeah, just being okay with par even if I have a wedge in or something like that, and then know that they're going to keep coming.

16 is pretty easy. It's a short par-4.

18 is pretty easy. It's a short par-5.

So just be calm and patient and know the birdies, easy birdies are probably going to come.

If I just make pars until then I'll be fine.

Q. A lot of golf left, but you're near the top of the leaderboard right now. Any thoughts on what you might do this afternoon practice-wise or game plan for tomorrow?

MAJA STARK: I'm probably not going to practice. I've been practicing so much these past two weeks. My coaches were here, both last week and this week, and I'm so tired. My back is hurting. I'm probably just going to take a chill. There is another week next week.

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