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March 30, 2024

Alena Sharp

Gilbert, Arizona, USA

Seville Golf and Country Club

Quick Quotes

Q. Here with Alena Sharp after her third round at the Ford Championship. Alena, you're a member out here. Can you just talk about the wind and kind of how it affected your day maybe today.

ALENA SHARP: I think I was lucky to have an early tee time. I didn't have crazy wind like it is now. At the beginning it was up and down.

Once we hit the 13th hole it was steady the rest of the way. It's difficult. It's crossing on a lot of the holes.

I think it's just playing so much different than the last two days. I think the course setup is fair where the pins are. So, yeah, I'm happy with how I played. Not happy with how I finished, but hit a lot of good shots so I'm really proud of my round today.

Q. Local player. You talked just briefly about the wind and last time you've kind of seen it like this. Can you mention some of that again?

ALENA SHARP: Yeah, it's been windy on and off this -- I guess you can't really call it spring, but it kind of is spring here because we never really have a winter. We've had a lot of days like this. I don't usually come out and play in days like this.

But, yeah, usually when a storm comes it gets like this and it's definitely tricky.

Q. Mentioned being proud of your round today. You Monday qualified last week into the Seri, too. How is your game feeling? How is it trending? Talk about that.

ALENA SHARP: I really am happy with today's round. The last two days I didn't hit it super great, but my putter was dead on. I chipped in twice. I did a lot of good things around the greens.

I know the greens pretty well, so it's kind of nice walk up to a putt and have already hit it a -- not a million times -- but I've hit it before.

Less thinking on the greens. I think that's huge. Last week I had a hard time reading the greens, so I think it's really helpful for me. Less thinking on the greens.

And, yeah, I'm really happy with how I hit it today. I feel like my game is trending. It was the best ball striking round I've had this year.

Q. One last question: You're a sponsor's exemption this week. How great was it to receive that and be able to play here this week?

ALENA SHARP: When I knew Seville was going to be hosting this event in November I hadn't gone to Q school yet, and I knew if I could get in the top 20 I would be in and I missed it by a couple shots so I was kind of depressed a little bit not knowing for certain if I was going to be in this event.

And when they told me I had the sponsor invite it was the best day ever. I had a perma-grin. Just happy that I could represent Seville and glad that Ford picked me. Nice make the weekend, too.

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