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March 30, 2024

Mi Hyang Lee

Gilbert, Arizona, USA

Seville Golf and Country Club

Quick Quotes

Q. All right, I'm here with Mi Hyang after her 8-under 64 today. Can you just talk about your round and specifically those last three birdies coming in?

MI HYANG LEE: Yes, so I just made like cut line yesterday, and it was really tough back nine for me yesterday as well because it was so windy, and then last hole was like 190 to the pin, into the wind, so it was really hard, and then it's really great up and down for par and made the cut.

This morning a little breeze, but nicer day, and then a little bit chilly but it was still good (indiscernible) for like my D number as well.

So was a good start the front nine, 3-under. And then my shot was great today so I had lost of birdie chance, but just three putts was just like short of the hole, so I was a little frustrated for me.

But it's glad to make birdie last three birdies of the last three holes, yeah.

Q. Bogey-free as well. Any holes you were close making a birdie that you saved?

MI HYANG LEE: No, not really. It was really great day, so, yeah, it was perfect day for me, yes. (Laughter.)

Q. It sounds like it. It's also your birthday today. Happy birthday.

MI HYANG LEE: Thank you.

Q. What a great birthday present to give yourself.

MI HYANG LEE: I know. First thing is bogey-free. I think most any player really like the bogey-free day.

And then actually also eight birdies and then good striking the ball. So, yeah, really good memory for my birthday today.

Q. And anything you did before your round to celebrate your birthday or anything you're planning to after your round here?

MI HYANG LEE: I was third off the tee today, so my tee time is 7:40, so no one is here, my friends. Even like my friend Hyo Joo, still -- her tee time is 1:40. Maybe after the round. I'm staying with my host family. And then she as well, so hopefully we have a good celebrate, yeah.

Q. Hopefully you get some cake or something and blow out some candles.

MI HYANG LEE: Actually my dad get me a little small muffin in the dining, so he got me like happy birthday and he's like cutting that cupcake, so I did it.

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