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March 27, 2024

Jannik Sinner

Miami, Florida, USA

Press Conference

J. SINNER/T. Machac

6-4, 6-2


Q. How challenging was the first set? It seems like everything changed. It was like two different matches almost, first set and the second set. What made the difference in terms of adjustments that you made going from the first part of the match to the second part?

JANNIK SINNER: Yeah, for sure. I didn't know exactly what to expect. For sure I tried to study a little bit my opponent, but playing is obviously a little bit different. I tried to see what I can do tactically better to beat him.

I started off well with the break. Then he broke me immediately back. You know, then after was really challenging for him but also for me.

But when I won easy the first set, then after I felt a little bit more freer to hit the ball, and I think that made the difference today.

Q. What makes him pretty good?

JANNIK SINNER: Physically is really well, so he's moving very fast. He has an awesome timing on the ball. He can produce very fast shots even from a ball which is sometimes slower. Really good volleys, so when he comes to the net, he has a really good net game.

There are many things. I'm expecting that he makes a good season this year. But I'm happy for him. You know, this is kind of breakthrough tournament for him. You know, Masters event quarters, it's a big result. So he's gonna be a really good player.

Q. How important has this tournament been for you coming off the loss at Indian Wells to get right back on track and to start winning again? Was that a difficult thing to recover from? You hadn't lost in a long time. Did you forget what it felt like? Also, did you have to sort of go through things that happen after losses that you don't have to go through when you're winning?

JANNIK SINNER: No, I just came here knowing in my mind that this is a new challenge for me, a new opportunity to make something happen, no?

Again here in the semifinals, it's a great result already. I'm looking forward for the next round, because it's going to be a really tough match. And that's it, no?

Last year I lost in semis in Indian Wells. I came here and made finals. This year I'm again in the semis here after I lost the semis in Indian Wells, so, you know, I'm just trying to get better as a player, honestly. That's the only thing matters for me. Yeah.

Today I felt like that I was playing better than the previous rounds, which for me was that what I was looking for. Let's see in the next round what's coming and what I can do.

Q. I wanted to ask you about tennis in Italy. I know you kind of had a quick jump from the challengers and the futures pretty much directly to the ATP Tour, but a lot of your countrymen have really benefited from all the increased challengers and futures events in Italy. Could you maybe talk a bit about how that's helped the development of your tennis in your country among your countrymen?

JANNIK SINNER: First of all, we have good structures in Italy. We have great coaches, physical trainers, physiotherapists. We have, starting from junior tournaments to future and challenger, we have some really important ATP tournaments potentially for the players who made it to play there.

But you could stay the whole time in Italy and play tournaments. So also for players who don't like to travel a lot, they can stay in Italy. They can play from one tournament to the other one a lot basically in the same place.

I think this is one thing what helps the Italian players. I was one guy who preferred to go out of Italy a little bit, trying to see different, you know, visions of tennis, because I think this helps more when you grow up.

But potentially you can stay there in Italy, and then you can finish, you know, hopefully in the biggest tournament in our sport. So yeah, I think we can consider ourself very, very lucky being Italian.

Q. Obviously we don't know yet who is next for you, and I'm not putting Jarry to one side, but if it is Daniil, what are your thoughts going in against Daniil again?

JANNIK SINNER: Tough match obviously. He made final in Indian Wells. Also he has good confidence. He is playing really good, especially here in this tournament. Last year he won.

But let's see. It's going to be a very tactical match potentially, because, you know, I have to be ready if he starts off in a similar way as in Australia. I have to be ready and trying to understand it before. Then maybe he's gonna change a couple of things.

So let's see. It's going to be an interesting test for me. Hopefully I can show some good tennis. And that's it, no.

Physical shape I feel good. Tomorrow is one day off to practice, to recover, because it's going to be a very physical match in the next round, and let's see what's coming.

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