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September 29, 1999

Tommy Haas


ITF: Questions for Tommy.

Q. Was it easier than you thought it was going to be today?

TOMMY HAAS: Well, it's never really that easy. You know, obviously I think Dominik Hrbaty is very risky. He'll hit the winner or make a mistake. I think he made a few more mistakes today. I was very focused, tried to keep the ball in play, play my game. I'm really happy it went like this.

Q. Are you looking forward to playing Andre Agassi, and what are your memories of his game?

TOMMY HAAS: Obviously it's always nice to play, I think, against the No. 1 player in the world. I think by far he's had the best year so far, winning two Grand Slams and being in the final of one. You know, obviously if he's going to be playing well, it's going to be very tough to beat somebody like him. It's an honor to play him. I've looked up to him also when I was young. Just try to give it a good match.

Q. On the off chance that Steffi Graf shows up tomorrow to cheer for Andre, do you think the German supporters will be cheering for you, make it a more interesting occasion?

TOMMY HAAS: Maybe she's going to show up tomorrow. We just have to wait and see. If she wants to see a tennis match, maybe, maybe yes. I don't think that's going to make a difference of how we're going to play. I'm sure the people would like to see her here.

Q. Would you forgive her if she cheered for Agassi tomorrow?

TOMMY HAAS: Yeah, definitely (laughter).

Q. Do you have any goals for the Grand Slam next year? You made it to the semifinals in Australia. Can you get further than that next year, do you think?

TOMMY HAAS: Well, I don't know. The Grand Slams are the best or the most important tournaments. I think for every player, it's a dream to win one of the Grand Slams one time, if they can. Obviously to be in the semifinals of one was already a big result for me at the age of 20. You know, I have a lot of years ahead of me hopefully. Maybe in my career, I can win one. That would be great. If not, bad luck. If I'm going to do well next year or the following year just depends on how I perform.

Q. What chances do you think Germany has to be seeded in Davis Cup since we don't know yet if Kiefer is going to play or not?

TOMMY HAAS: I think Kiefer is going to play. I don't know what it depends on to be seeded or not, if they go by ranking with the best two players. In the past, they have. That's what I can say. I think there should be possibilities that we can be seeded, yeah.

Q. What are your chances tomorrow against Andre Agassi?

TOMMY HAAS: Let's wait and see tomorrow. He's a player who, when he's under fire, is hard to beat. He has had the best year of his career of all players, won two Grand Slam tournaments, once a semifinalist. I can only try to keep and raise my game, to stay focused and to make the best out of it. We shall see.

Q. Do you think he might be a bit less focused due to all this business with Steffi Graf right now?

TOMMY HAAS: It would be good for me if he couldn't concentrate on the match a hundred percent. Might also be better. I hope maybe she comes tomorrow (laughter).

Q. How do you have to play somebody like him?

TOMMY HAAS: Well, four aces in each game and four direct return winners on his serve, then you're okay (laughter).

Q. You beat him I think two years ago. How did you manage to do that? I think it was at Wimbledon. What was your secret?

TOMMY HAAS: Well, no secret there. That was a year when he didn't have the best run of his career. It was a great event for me, great tennis I played. It was on grass. You have to mention that the balls are a bit irregular compared to other surfaces. I think if I play well tomorrow, and if I play a good match, we'll have to see what his shape is. Let's wait and see.

Q. Is there a special advantage to be the Davis Cup hero, the one who saved Germany in the World Group? You're the only German. Do you think this is a special motivation and advantage?

TOMMY HAAS: Oh, certainly. I'm more motivated when playing in Germany. I try and stay in the tournament as long as possible. I'm a bit drenched from last week. It was a hard one. To adapt to this surface is difficult. It wasn't easy. But I'm fine, getting better every day. Andre Agassi, as I mentioned, if he's under fire, he'll be hard to beat. To play him in the second round is a hard thing, but he hasn't played any match yet.

Q. Do you think you're having a run right now?

TOMMY HAAS: Well, a little bit of a run, yes.

Q. A year ago, you made the draw. Now you're playing in the quarters against Agassi. How do you evaluate this, the year you had?

TOMMY HAAS: Well, it was a fast progress. I can remember, I did it last year here in this hall, the draw. I asked myself, "Wouldn't it be great to play here?" Now I'm in Round 2. It's a great thing. I achieved a lot: a semifinal, a win, relegation avoided against Romania, beat No. 10 in the world after the US Open. A lot has happened. I'm young, I suppose. I hope it's going to go on this way. I think there's some room for improvement. On the whole, I don't think too much. I think to take every match one at a time. End of November, December, when there's a break, I shall start thinking about all this.

Q. You have been asked at what speed you drive on the motor way. You wouldn't say. Is speeding in a car one of your favorite occupations?

TOMMY HAAS: No, there are other things I prefer. But this is one, yes. Nobody has to think about the speed. I don't have to say. Maybe one day you are on a motor way and I'll pass you and you can see (laughter).

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