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March 15, 2000

Tommy Haas


MIKI SINGH: Questions for Tommy.

Q. This is the first time you've beaten him. What was the difference today from the other times?

TOMMY HAAS: Well, last time we played was in Cincinnati. It was a tough match. I lost 7-5, 7-5. He served well. He served pretty good today also. I just think the tiebreaks today were maybe the key of winning the match, winning the big points. Maybe with a little bit of luck. I did that today.

Q. How do you grade the way you played today? How would you rate it? Were you satisfied with the way you played?

TOMMY HAAS: I was much more satisfied than when I played yesterday. Obviously it's always nice to play against good players. He's obviously one of the best players for the last couple of years. You kind of go into the match a little differently. I tried to work on some different things in my game, did them quite well today. I'm pleased.

Q. What different things are you working on?

TOMMY HAAS: I don't want to talk about it too much. Stay focused, hitting more first serves in, just try to play my game.

Q. He commented before you came in that he felt sort of tired and weak after the clay court tournaments that he played. Did you feel that he wasn't a hundred percent?

TOMMY HAAS: Well, in the first set obviously I think he was fine. In the second set he called the trainer, which is always a very crucial situation for the opponent. You think you've got him down. A lot of things go through your head: Is he going to retire? What's going on? I lost a bit of my focus for a minute. Obviously maybe he didn't move as well. He still made some good shots. You still have to beat a top player even if he's a little injured. He played three clay court tournaments before. It's very tough I think for some players to come from clay, switch to hard court, especially before a Super 9. But everybody has a different schedule, so it's okay.

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