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May 16, 2001

Tommy Haas

ATP: Questions, please.

Q. Without wishing to add to the obvious disappointment, I assume you have never had as many matches points not won before?

TOMMY HAAS: Not that I can think of, yeah.

Q. Was the first one the key inasmuch as you looked as if you were ready to put that ball away and it was all going to be over?

TOMMY HAAS: Lucky to hit the top of the net a little bit so it slowed it down; then I didn't really cover the side pretty well; plus he is a lefty, he kind of hooked it around me, so -- but it was okay with me. I knew I had another one. But I have to give a lot of respect to him. He played really well on those matchpoints. I made him play almost for every single one; then maybe made one bad mistake where the ball was in the middle of court and where I came in and I just missed it a little deep on the baseline, but, you know, these things happen in life.

Q. What was it like playing in the middle of the storm? I know it was outside, but I mean, you couldn't --

TOMMY HAAS: Yeah, a little bit weird for sure, you know, at 3-2 it started raining a little bit. We kind of waited for the roof to close, but it was a little bit slow, so the rain kind of made the court wet. Then it was very stormy, you could feel how windy it was getting and quite loud because of the roof, so -- but, you know, I knew he had to deal with the same thing as me, so we just continued playing. At that time I was still playing pretty good tennis.

Q. Right to the end that match could have gone either way. What is your own summing up of how you played throughout the match today?

TOMMY HAAS: Yeah, I think I played good tennis the whole match. Just didn't win the big points. If I just win one or two of those big points, then the match is my match. In tennis, you got to win those kind of key points.

Q. Presumably particularly disappointing for it to happen here for you?

TOMMY HAAS: Yeah, same is for me. I like this tournament a lot. I would have liked to have gone in the third round, and, you know, still compete, give it all I have, but now is it over, so bad luck.

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