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October 20, 2001

Tommy Haas

MODERATOR: Questions for Tommy.

Q. They say winning is a habit. You seem to have caught the habit recently.

TOMMY HAAS: Maybe so. Obviously, I don't want to think about the habit too much right now - just play my game. Playing some extremely good tennis the last couple weeks. You know, some of the hard work is paying off.

Q. When it gets tight at the end of the match, the fact that you've been winning, does that give you the confidence to believe you can win, keep coming back from a set down?

TOMMY HAAS: Must be, definitely. You know, when you don't play a lot of matches or when you have maybe a little of a bad streak where you lose a couple of first or second rounds, you can get through tough matches, it's much different if you're down a set and a break, tight match in the third set. If you win a couple matches like this, plus you have a crowd like this behind you, it makes things, I think, a little easier. When you play with confidence, it's a big difference.

Q. You must have serious ambitions to qualify for Sydney.

TOMMY HAAS: Yeah, I mean, I just saw the standings after my match. I'm just going to finish the tournament first here, then really think about where I'm at, what I need to do. You know, there's still a couple of other guys fighting for it. I guess it has to be the No. 7 spot, because Ivanisevic is going to stay in the Top 20 and take the No. 8 spot. Just going to keep on waiting and see what happens.

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